Breakfast Will Burn Two More Times This Week!

We had such fun over the weekend with all the builds, egg races, pancake races and FOUR breakfast burns. The Love Shack and bowling alley added to the fun. All the builds are being left up all week, so you can bring friends and come visit. Cuga will reprise the Bacon Man Burn two more […]

Schedule for Breakfast on the Playa!

Here’s the schedule of events for Breakfast on the Playa, Saturday December 2nd and Sunday December 3rd … come join in! First up, races! How about Egg Races? Run while inside a giant egg, and race against other eggs! Start here: Egg Race Times: Egg racetrack is open all day for fun and practice. Group […]

Breakfast on the Playa!

Do you love breakfast? Do you miss the Playa?  Coming up Saturday and Sunday, December 2-3, 2017, Join BURN2 and let’s whip up a…  Breakfast on the Playa! Two days of music, fun and games, and breakfast-related builds. (Bacon will be involved!) Wear your pajamas! Drive breakfast-food art cars! Join in egg races! Build your […]

Breakfast on the Playa 2017 Builder Guidelines

General Builder Guidelines… Please follow these guidelines for fun and happy building! The theme is Breakfast on the Playa – think of foods you like to eat for breakfast, how you make them, or what you do on a typical weekend morning at breakfast. And how you’d share with your fellow Burners on the Playa! […]

Radical Ritual SKIN BURN! Saturday November 4th

Radical Ritual was an incredible Burn week, but it’s not over yet! When? SATURDAY, 4 November 2017 Times? 11am SLT (11.00) and 6pm SLT (18.00 – yes, we will do it twice) Where? SLURL will be given here when the check-in area is open WHAT IS SKIN BURN? Glad You Asked! Skin Burn is a BURN2 […]

Radical Ritual Plot Builds Information

ARTIST NAME: andrea jones TITLE: The Meditation Temple of the 4 Elements DESCRIPTION: A temple of relaxation, meditation, and the 4 elements. Which element are you? Meditate on it on a pose pad. Dancing is in the gazebo out front, chairs and tents are open to anyone wanting to park. popcorn and cotton candy is by the […]

Burn2 Radical Ritual Landmarks

Welcome Home! Here is a list of the major attractions and event locations for BURN2: Radical Ritual. Front Gate / Welcome Area Rangers Station (Cart tours are available at the corner of this location) Lamplighters Center Camp Walk-in Camping, Deep Hole Walk-in Camping, Alkali Department of Mutant Vehicles (DMV) […]

BURN2 Radical Ritual Opens Saturday 21 October

“Welcome Home!” We say to Burners and friends! The spectacle of the year is soon to begin, infused with the theme of Radical Ritual, in which you will see interpretations of every kind. “Reinventing ritual in our post post-modern world – disregarding assertions of belief and focus on the immediate experience of play. Play can […]