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Do you love breakfast? Do you miss the Playa? 

Coming up Saturday and Sunday, December 2-3, 2017, Join BURN2 and let’s whip up a… 

Breakfast on the Playa!

Two days of music, fun and games, and breakfast-related builds. (Bacon will be involved!)

Wear your pajamas! Drive breakfast-food art cars! Join in egg races!

Build your very own breakfast-themed construction, or just add an item to the communal table!

Spin some tunes!

What will we Burn this time? You’ll have to come and see!


Think…hmmm…a plate piled high with pancakes…syrup…coffee… let your appetite guide you in your next creation!  If you’re interested, sign up here.


Interested in playing or performing during the weekend event? You can sign yourself up here.