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Visit the playa while there's less lag this week! Explore each build, try interacting with parts of them, think how and why the creatives on this virtually dusty land made their works the way they did. Enjoy them!

I Fixed My Sunglasses!

Mia Quinote

Burners are creative people who find solutions and *hacks* when they need to.
One year at BRC one of the arms on the only pair of sunglasses I brought had broke at the clasp ( my mistake in bringing only one pair of sunnies). I thought I had prepared for anything! Well after a bit of thinking I grabbed a saftey pin of which I had brought multiple of btw. I Clipped the safety pin through the arm clasp into the sunglasses clasp and VOILA!
Thank goodness for Bubble Gum and Duct tape and SAFETY PINS! Burn On!

Spero Pacem

saoirseheart with sycophantam

I Hope For Peace; the way peaceful behavior can make a village/a group stronger....the objects of peace historically, a dove with the olive branch, the peace sign...all with healthy amounts of duct tape, bubble gum, and objects that bind them together.

Letty's Nomadic Library

Letty Luckstone

Our love affair with a good story spans time and location and brings us together. This nomadic library brings story to those who may not be close to a library or bookseller, like in the middle of the desert. It is not a unique concept that has a long history. This library contains open source books from Project Gutenberg.

B2zooka Bubble Gum Adventure

Leroy Horten with Morrigu Berry

This is an interactive roller coaster thrill ride that takes adventurers on a track made of duck tape inside of bubble gum packages. A Whimsical and imaginative adventure that makes you leave the cares of the world behind.

House of Gum

Andrea Jones

House/temple made or textured like gum. Gum ball dispensers inside. Maybe band aids as well. Buyable notecard box with description of the house and why it was made.

CoViD 19 Hope

Skangaselanos Kariunga

Kleiner Liebevoller Farbenfroher Platz mit ein paar schonen Bildern! 🙂
Translation: Small, loving, colorful place with a few beautiful pictures! 🙂


Freia Guillaume with je Coba

A walk through tunnel that questions reality. Which way is up? down? Whoa.... well, fingers crossed that's what this goddess can muster up....

Plenty of Fish in the Sea, and They All Have Mercury


Paper origami fishes attached with duct tape to a giant wire structure.... What is left of our planet. Paper cut figures hung with clothes pins on a drying line, helpless. Humanity is stuck in an inevitable consumption spiral.

Trojan Grotto

Holocluck Henly

A Trojan Grotto! Climb the ladder to the Mane Deck for an awesome view of Winter Burn. Also: A Winter Bern photo op! Pose with him at the Capitol steps! Take a free Winter Bern home. Enjoy!

Candy Castle

Hormigonn with Sorrytornado

Welcome to Candy Castle a confectionary creation bonded with bubble gum. Come on in and get sweet with the Candroids in Candy Castle Club. Test your sticky fingers in our arcades and satisfy your sweet tooth at the bar. Will be gifting stickers to the people in accordance with the Ten Principles.


Vlad Breyer

My first installation at a virtual Burning Man event. I am very proud to present this collage of texture, shapes and animeshes. Inside of the tent the is a couple of aliens dancing for your pleasure, and outside seats the white tiger, waiting for you to seat next to it. The dancing master of ceremonies is outside to set yo the mood. You can go up the ladder and try the rope and the swing.

Enjoy Playa!


Evola Courtois

An open artsy build for people to walk through and absorb.

A Big Mess

Francis Bagration with Bobbi Noel

Interactive stickyness and interactivity.

Think of the Homeless

Wyald Woolley

A bus stop where a homeless family has landed.

We Keep You Glued!


Any media's goal is to keep its viewers glued to their content. Lots of dirty stickiness to explore.

That Will Fix It!

FireFury Burns with Vampink Cuddihy

Mesh, some gum, and a lot of tape, maybe a duck too.

Slices of Light

Edgar Yven with Hallelujah

Project It

Mandel Solano

A cube with projected lights.

Camp Swedana Mime & Bubble Academy

Catori Mistwalker with Shiny (NarayanRaja)

GRAVITY: Glue of the Universe

Bar Tenk

Without it, we wouldn't even be dust scattered in the empty cold darkness.

Bazooka Girl

Bellibutton Jewell

Burning Girl (wooden man with a dress) build with duct taped wooden dress and duct tape bra, blowing pink bubblegum bubble.

Work in Progress


A play on the words 'work in progress' using the idea of the general theme and the progress of man/civilisation (even if needing to be bodged together at times in a not ideal way).

Dreams of the Old Country

August (onthesound) with: Anianka, Bella Orsini

An evocation of the northern European countries where my ancestors lived.

These are unnamed camps - the builders did not name them, but they are delightful spots to visit - don't overlook them!


With: behati.hexem, AlesiaPM Resident, bethann causten

Mossy Symbiosis


With: MochaMaster

Shimada Yoshikawa

With: Kirumi Yoshikawa



With: JT Castanea


(Pssst...there's a hot air balloon to ride here!)

Hallix Raine Rajal

With: Cuga Rajal

Wisdom D'Avi

(An Ice Rink to Skate On)


With: Bear

CC (Krummis Blessed)

With: Holly Juanos