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Dream Catchers in the Snow

Native American dream catchers from the Ojibwe tribe were traditionally used as talismans. Their purpose was to protect sleepers, especially children, from bad dreams, nightmares and evil spirits. Native Americans believed that at night the air was filled with dreams, both good and bad.

The theme involves bringing dreams to life. In the builds, the theme of dreams, and keeping the bad dreams away. Inspirational builds that blur the line between dreams and waking life.

Thus is described the theme for Burn2's Winter Burn event in 2024.

We invite you to explore with us, the concept of dream catchers as protections for dreamers. Which dreams are able to pass through and what do they do for us while we slumber? Dreams can be magical. They can be light and bright, or dark and dreary, and still be good. The magic is in how dream catchers can hold at bay those that are not.


Bring Your Dreams to the Playa