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Burn2 DMV Art Car Weekend

Burn2 DMV Art Car Weekend

Tribute to Mayan Warrior

May 13-14, 2023

In tribute to the original Mayan Warrior which was destroyed by fire in Mexico, Burn2 Burners will honor its memory with a replica as the main stage for its Art Car Weekend in Deep Hole. DJs will play their sets as dedications to Mayan Warrior.

Through the two-day event, there will be fun things to do together, art car building workshops, with all kinds of art and music. DJs, book slots here: Performer Booking.

The original Mayan Warrior was the result of a collaborative project that brought together artists, craftsmen, photographers, designers, technologists, architects and musicans from Mexico City and Northern California.

The virtual version was lovingly created by Hallix Raine Rajal to honor the Mayan Warrior and its original intent "... to present to the world the incredible ascent of contemporary Mexican electronic music while paying respect to the deep and ancient sources from which that visual and auditory culture had grown. Both light and sound are curated by some of the world’s most prominent artists to transport participants to the very origins of the culture – and to a new understanding of contemporary electronic expression.”

Come, join, play with us!