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Burners: Use the Playa!

We hold events at Burn2 four times a year, with occasional other events in between. The Deep Hole playa is there for the community and burners are encouraged to make use of it! Just Leave No Trace when done.

An intimate live singer concert in the Black Rock Saloon. Class about how to make skins for Skin Burn. Movie night. Storytelling. Rock concert. Speedbuilds. Game night. What could we do on a virtual playa? As long as what we do is within the guiding principles of our Regional, just about anything fun for a creative community like ours can happen! Review the Ten Principles of Burning Man to learn more.

If you have an idea for a happening on the playa, tell us about it! We will help you to make it happen. Just fill in the form below and a member of the Burn2 staff will follow up.

NOTE: If you are proposing an event, you will be expected to coordinate or lead it. You can ask for someone experienced to help you with coordinating, but you, and anyone else helping you coordinate, will be named as lead(s) for the event, if it comes to fruition.

Event Proposal Form