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Burn2 Team Leads

Burn2 Metamorphosis Event Staff

We are a team of volunteers at Burn2, and we strive to do our best to provide what you need for a great experience at our events.

Performers - if you have questions about the stage you are scheduled to play at, contact the appropriate Stage Manager.

Camp Builders - if you have questions about your plot placement or builder tag, contact the Placement Lead. If your questions are about DJs or performers you will have within your camps during the event, contact Fifi Oh (siouxsieincognita).

Artists (Juried/Nonjuried/Small Art) - contact SuperSuz or ilyra Chardin with your art related questions.

Juried/Non-Juried Artists Committee

Lead: ilyra Chardin

Fifi Oh (siouxsieincognita)
Miss Suzanne Super Sweet (SuperSuz)
freia (Freia Guillaume)
Herbie Haven
proton d-oo-b (eifachfilm vacirca)

Artists Liaison

Miss Suzanne Super Sweet (SuperSuz)

Performance Team

Main/DJ Stage
Interim Stage Manager
Fifi Oh (siouxsieincognita)
Live Stage
Stage Manager
Freia Guillaume
Center Camp
Stage Manager
Shendara Destiny

Camp Performer Coordinator

Fifi Oh (siouxsieincognita)

Man Build & Burn Team

Herbie Haven - Build
Katy (KhatLuv) - Burn

Temple Build & Burn Team

Daark Gothly - Build
Pianoman - Burn

Stage Builders

Main Stage: Baby Koala (Barbs Kurka)
Live Stage: Freia Guillaume

Sim Train Builder

ilyra Chardin

Gate/Welcome Area

freia (Freia Guilaume)

Placement Lead

iSkye Silverweb

Burn2 Staff

Ranger Coordinators

Leondra Larsson
Shendara Destiny


iSkye Silverweb
Mia Quinote

The Lamplighters Elders

Freia Guillaume
Dream Wrexan
iSkye Silverewb
Apollo Manga

Greeter Leads

Macha Triangle

Fashionista Leads

Vickie Maidstone

DMV Lead

Cuga Rajal

Regional Contact


Volunteer Coordinators

Freia Guillaume


Huntress Catteneo

Burn2 Educators

Cuga Rajal
Fifi Oh