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Here’s the schedule of events for Breakfast on the Playa, Saturday December 2nd and Sunday December 3rd … come join in!

First up, races! How about Egg Races?

Run while inside a giant egg, and race against other eggs!
Start here:

Egg Race Times:

Egg racetrack is open all day for fun and practice.

Group Egg Races:

  • Saturday 12/2 – 7pm SLT (all creatures)
  • Sunday 12/3 – before each burn – 10am SLT (singles) 4pm SLT (doubles)

And also…Pancake Races!!  (They start nearby!)

Starting here:

Pancake Race Times:

  • Saturday 12/2 – 10am SLT and 4pm SLT

And of course we’ll be burning something!

Bacon Man Burn:

  • 11am and 6pm SLT Saturday 12/2
  • 11am and 6pm SLT Sunday 12/3

And great tunes on the Breakfast Stage!

Come on down!