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Conception 2021: Emergence

Hunt List

Hello hunt prize hunters!

Thank you for participating in the Conception 2021 10p hunt at Burn2! What do we mean by 10p? 10 Pence? 10 Pandas? 10 Pickles? No of course we mean the 10 principles. Gifting and Participation would be the top principles that come to mind for the hunt, but the other principles are all there as well to different degrees.

So what is this and how will this work? Well, the prizes are hidden in three different containers:

A sticker that could be stuck to ANYTHING.
A useful cardboard box.
A storage tote of toughness.
To find all of these prizes, you will have to search them out across the Deep Hole region. We even gave you some rough locations as to where to start. So go out there and find some prizes!

Below is the list of the participating artists in the hunt. Simply click on the name to get the SLURL to their plot. Once there, follow their provided hint.

Happy hunting!

10P Hunt Containers

HOUSE OF MIRRORS - deyanira Yalin

A cube is where to start. Go inside and let your instinct guide you. Not all walls will block your way. Clear your mind, and you will find a TP to get you there

Life - Dusty Canning

What is LIFE? We all ask that sometimes.. Maybe you should look for a SIGN of it... oh, and then look left of that sign.

Moya from creator to creature - Moya Janus

There's so many BUTTONS and DIALS around this one. You might need to take the STAIRS to another LEVEL to figure it out.

French translation: Il y a tellement de boutons et de cadrans autour de celui-ci. Vous devrez peut-être monter les escaliers à un autre niveau pour le comprendre.

transmission & dead star dust - Ineffable Mote

When you arrive at the station, look to the right. You will find it "IN DISPLAY" if you look inside the back angle.

The Temple of Emerging Change Alien or Human - Andrea Jones

You might really want to phone home for this one. Also be sure to keep a LOOK out FOR those E.T.s trying to do the same.

Hope Out of Chaos - Letty Luckstone

So much chaos. LOOKs like we will need to get AT the ROOT of the problem to find this prize.

Coyote (mąʼii) - Mia Quinote

Cats and Dogs can get along too! Visit the howler, find your inner cat, and LAZE ABOUT for awhile. Happy Burn!

Doorway to Beyond - Bethann Causten

GIVE yourself some time to TAKE in all that the TOWER OF DOORS has to offer and feel free to SWING on by anytime.

Forbidden Metaverse - 3vilyn

Look for the cat - Good luck!

Weird Goat Eye - serra Qendra

If you SIT down to bathe in the SOUND you will find the prize box nearby. At least it will be nice and dry as speakers only make waves of sound.

The being in the moment thing - Adwehe

Look for the PILE of boxes. In that pile you will find... well, another Box..

Leaving Eden - Ron Rendar

When Leaving Eden, after you have reached the TOP, be sure to ask the Butterflies for directions TO RENO. They will also help you find the gift before you depart.

Star Child - Reaching For The Stars - Shimada Yoshikawa

I hope this box doesn't get all wet being behind all that WATER. I'm going to have to take a SEAT and LOOK BACK at it.