Countdown to the Burn2 Opening! (2010)

There is only a couple of days to go until the playa opens to the SL public! Final touches to builds and schedules snap into place as the sims open to the press and blogger community for Press / Blogger Day. We’re ready to roll with performers and DJs at noon on Saturday, Oct. 16! […]

Burn2 Opens!

The many and varied efforts of the Burn2 community culminated in the opening of the sims to the public at noon on Oct 16! Come one, come all! It’s time to Burn! Some Pointers A few pointers to help you get started. We have a map with slurls, so check that out. We also have […]

BURN2 Builder Update (2010)

  Greetings Builders and Volunteers!   Let me start by first saying how excited we all are about BURN2 and how this event has evolved so quickly into what it has become today because of your hard work and dedication. For this, the Burn2 Event Team and community thank you. We have a update on […]

Burning Man 2010: Reporting from B2 Camp

What can you say about crossing over, jumping the chasm…seeing the line in the sand just taking that…one step. Moving from our virtual Burn to… Burning Man!. When we came we wished we could take you all with us, but, frankly you wouldn’t all fit in the car. We did bring our flag with us, […]

What’s a Theme Camp?

  Theme Camps are plots of land you can call home at BURN2. It is where you “camp” and also where you invite other participants to experience whatever you have in store for them. Theme Camps can be simple or complex, but they all have a “theme” or premise behind them. The theme you choose […]

BURN2 Camp Plot Reservations!

  Help support BURN2 by reserving your Camp Plot now! a 512 square meter plot will be made available to you for BURN2 for a $8000L donation. There are 84 camp plots available! Avatars may purchase multiple plots, and while we will make all efforts to support adjacency of the plots, we cannot always […]

Tokyo and Berlin Stage Builder Applications Open

Congratulations to Kev Sweetwater, our new Department of Public Works (DPW) lead! Kev kicks off his tenure with a call for build talent on the two major stages of Burning Life, Tokyo and Berlin. These stages are major constructions which host DJs and Live performers with large audiences, As a result these builds straddle a […]

BURN2 announces Theme, Logo and some Dates

We’re happy to announce the BURN2 theme, logo and some key dates. Theme This year’s theme is “Metropolis – Civilization in the Desert.” Exploration and expression of the urban reality in the style of Burning Man, where materials are trucked into the desert to build a temporary city that then disappears, leaving no trace. The […]

DPW Wants You !!

        Hello Burners, Greeting from Deep Hole, it’s rather hot here and the dust is blowing about the virtual playa since we last spoke. And we wouldn’t have it any other way out here. I would like to take a moment to thank a few members of the DPW, and we’ll get […]