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Artist Builds

Burn2 Winter Burn 2020: Magic!


Magic Guest Artists

Atargatis Emerald

"Merfolk of Uhre"

Belladaine Nightfire

"Elven Forest"

Bugs Larnia & Co.

"The Faery Crossing"

Safe Waters Foundation

"In Winter"

Art Locations

Andrea Jones

"A Garden of Stone"

August North


Evola Courtois

"Passing of Cosmos"

Francis Bagration

"What will it be?"

Herbie Haven


Je Coba

"Warm Ice"

Serra Qendra

"Parting Falls"

Wyald Woolley

"No Sweat Event"

Caro Fayray

"Desert Ice"

freia guillaume

"Serenity Cocoon"

Ilyra Chardin


Kerupa Flow

"Magical Dialogue"

Marcel Mosswood

"Paintings of Life"

Shimi (spotlessshimi)

"Flower Magic"

FireFury Burns


Hallix Raine


iSkye Silverweb

"Burner Runes"

Maia Antarra

"Elfae Temple"

乙oмBīє ȵρςαkє

"Magic of Illusions"