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Every year Burn2 holds a Town Hall Meeting led by our Regional Contact, Miss Suzanne Super Sweet (SuperSuz). We were unable to have the usual Town Hall Meeting this year, which typically takes place on the last day of our Conception event. In an effort to communicate to the community by sharing what we've done in the year since our last Town Hall Meeting and to tell about a few new things we are doing, we are distributing a Town Hall book created by SuperSuz.

How to Navigate through the Book:
By default the book runs like a slideshow. You can watch it or pause it and view each individual page at your own pace by moving forward and backward with the directional arrows.
You can also go to full screen using the square icon near bottom center and navigate through it either by watching the slideshow or navigating through it yourself.
The links within the book should be clickable. Happy viewing, and Burn on!