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Event Lead Staff for BURN2

So that you can contact the appropriate staff for questions related to the upcoming BURN2 event, use the information listed below.

EVENT NAME: BURN2 Conception 2018: Prometheus’ Gift

Event Lead: Vian Magic
Placement Leads: iSkye Silverweb
Communications Lead: iSkye Silverweb
Rangers Lead: Leondra Larsson
Performance Lead: LaurieC
Performance Team: LaurieC, Taj Nishi
DMV Lead: Cuga Rajal
Greeters Lead: Vickie Maidstone
Lamplighters Elders: iSkye Silverweb, Freia Guillaume, Dream Wrexan, Apollo Manga
BURN2 Regional Contact: SuperSuz

The BURN2 Planning Committee is comprised by all of the above individuals along with interested Burners who attend the weekly planning meetings on Thursdays at 9:00pm SLT on Deep Hole.