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Burnal Equinox 2020

Between the Stars

May 1-3, 2020

All of Burn2's events are run entirely by dedicated and passionate volunteers. If you have a question about a particular area, you can contact the appropriate persons listed below.

Event Leads

Serra Qendra
Zoren Manray

Burn Effigy

Herbie Haven

Fashionistas Lead

Vickie Maidstone


iSkye Silverweb (Lead)
Mia Quinote (Facebook)

Artist Lead

Miss Suzanne Super Sweet

Welcome Area

XiledSol | Macha Triangle
freia Guillaume

Greeters Lead

Macha Triangle

Rangers Coordinators

Shendara Destiny
Leondra Larsson

Performer Lead

Freia Guillaume

Stage Hosts

Macha Triangle | Ren Enberg
Freia Guillaume | proton d-oo-b
SuperSuz | Leondra Larsson

Placement Lead

iSkye Silverweb

Lamplighter Elders

iSkye Silverweb | Freia Guillaume
Apollo Manga | Dream Wrexan
Ktahdn Vesuvino