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Burn2 VRC 2020
The Multiverse

August 30 - September 07

As a recognised universe in Burning Man's Multiverse, Burn2 is having a "VRC Week" in its own virtual Regional environment called Deep Hole. A limited number of visitors will be able to access Deep Hole, and they will find a place filled with things that are strongly evocative of the beloved Black Rock City - with none of the dust, heat or pungent odors we've known. There will be a Man Burn on Burn Night (time to be confirmed), and there will also be a rendering of the Empyrean Temple that will burn on Sunday, 11:00 AM US Pacific Time.

A schedule on the website lists everything that will be happening during the week. During the Burns, the number of avatars allowed in Deep Hole will be quite limited, so there will be a live stream of the Burns available to watch - learn more through the website's home page.

VRC Week Theme: The Multiverse

This event is part of a larger virtual event being encouraged by Burning Man. It was prompted by the cancellation of this year's Burning Man event. The many groups and Regionals around the world are being encouraged to go virtual, create activities and events to be experienced online. The various participating groups and regionals are called "universes."

For Burn2, we are featuring art installations by artists known across the SL virtual world, along with the different past builds of the Man and a rendering of this year's RL Empyrean Temple. A main stage will see performances by DJs, live singers and live performers of all kinds.

Come by, explore, meet your fellow Burners in this Universe! Dance to tunes, experience and interact with the art all around this playa. Watch the Man Burn, and a rendering of the Empyrean Temple as well! For the latest information on schedule and event status, visit the home page and scroll down.