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Burnal Equinox: Roaring 3020s

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Club Aurora - XiledSol

Welcome to Club Aurora. In lieu of the K.A.R.E.N. Treaty of 2345, Prohibition was partially overturned once again and registered bars and clubs were allowed to serve drinks and entertain guests under strict regulations. This registered drinking establishment features 3 floors of casual seating with a dance floor at the top of the observation deck. Materials used inside and out harken back 1000 years to the time of the Golden One. Come inside and have a drink at our custom bar. Sit with friends and chat together or fly to the top floor for a fun time dancing.

Honest Zorg's Used Spaceships - Xiija

Honest Zorg, the #1 Used Spaceship dealer in this piece of the Multiverse, is clearing out thier inventory! Free used Spaceships! All new powercores! Don't forget to check the Omni-versal ATM inside!

Visions of the Past and Future - Andrea Jones

A little place to sit and relax from the trials of life. Grab a drink from the bar Sit and watch images from the days past and the future. Or watch the fountains or sky.

They Never Told Me It Would Be Like This - CeeCee Blessed

The near destruction of the Earth caused by voracious consumerism has been narrowly averted by the discovery of cheap, readily available energy sources with the side effect that Humanity has control over gravity. The discovery has resulted in the ability to use the full volume of the Earth's living space. The Living Room of the Future is radically different from the living spaces of the previous millennium.

Creation Nation - Sabet Wanderer

- A Blade Runner-esque city neighborhood with the best noodles on the Playa! Enter the neon-lit metropolis from the landing pad where a tiny noodle shop sits at street level. The towering futuristic city rises above.
- Follow the ramps up to the Welcome machine and your first observation platform that offers an epic view of the playa. Keep walking up and you’ll come across little shops, a laundromat, street food, dentist, restaurants and gritty back alleys… all great photo opps! A party awaits you at the top of Creation Nation.

Rajal Space Camp - Hallix Raine Rajal

Old-style space grotto contruction of the 2800s by one of the few remaining trained construction crews. Enjoy the lounge area, a Tesla lab is in the top pod. Romulan teleporters installed for convenience in ascending hallways.

Divergence - Riannah Baron & Chelo Baron

Maybe tomorrow will give you a place full of robots, spaceships and conquest of space. Perhaps tomorrow is finally a place of union, solidarity, peace, of pure coexistence with ourselves and to can share our wonderful world with the rest of the beings of the galaxy learning about who we are. Perhaps our common language be art. And this is the message that we intend to launch with "Dreams of Tomorrow" for Burn.

Camp to the Future! - Tempest Rosca

What will camping look like in 1000 years times ! ?? Let's see πŸ™‚

The Great Steamby - Johannes Huntsman and Tempest Rosca

Futuristic art work of 1920s images imposed with geometric patterns in a space setting.

Asteroid Games at DMV Sandbox

Try your hand at Asteroid Soccer - the game looks easier than it is! Makes for great fun and lots of laughter. Then check out the Kuiper Belt Simulator Sharpshooter Training. So you think you're a crack shot? Here's your chance to prove it!

Burn2 Rangers

Riding the Edge of Chaos! The Burn2 Rangers are the mediators and members of the Burner community who uphold the Ten Principles of Burning Man. They readily give assistance to Burners old and new. You'll recognise a Ranger by their hat, radio and tag. Drop by their camp and say hello!

Gigantica Maximus - Francis Bagration

Interactive flowing elements of color and shape.

Al Cajones and Flap Jackie Cut a Rug - Bellibutton Jewell

In the year 3020, robots Al Cajones and Flap Jackie decide to dance on a new (old) piece of carpet from back in the day.

Art Of The Future - deyanira Yalin

Since the times of Leonardo da Vinci, men have recreated helicopters and all kinds of mechanical artifacts, from many of the futuristic ideas of da Vinci.
And humanity progressed with those inventions, until it got to be out of hand, and then artificial intelligence started to control us, up to the time they rule, and the eye is always observant.

Yoshikamp 3020 - Shimada Yoshikawa

Yoshikamp 3020, built by Shimada Yoshikawa. A Sky liner of the future!
Yoshikamp 3020 is a representation of the Roaring 3020s theme of Burnal Equinox. The design is based on the grand Ocean liners of the 1920s, only in 3020s form as a Sky liner.

Spacial Flower - Asperix Asp

The sphere is coated with a rendered spherical image based on 3D fractals. While the Flower is a 3D fractal mesh with the intricate design of a certain flower found in a mysterious planet of the Eridani star.

Here Comes the Sun - August, Poppy, Dusty Canning

A celebration of the miracle of Spring each year. See a sunflower grow. View art. Dance to the Beatles.

SpeakEasy 3020 - Letty Luckstone

The SpeakEasy 3020 is not a literal build, but a symbolic one, where we imagine a floating bar over a desert, one that offers entertainment, illegal activity, and the forming of a unique culture in a futuristic prohibition era.

Make It Take It Pottery - Starlenz

If you are looking for a place to relax with some friends and get your hands dirty with some virtual mud, then Make It, Take It Pottery is the place for you. It's a museum covering the history of pottery from 3,000 BC to 3,000 AD, a place where you can find pots custom made for the burn, and the place to hang out around the electric warmth of a Tesla coil playing a game of Doodle Board with old and new friends.

Cluckey's Dieselpunk Cafe - Holocluck Henly

Welcome to Cluckey's Dieselpunk Cafe, where everything old is new again. Enjoy ancient imagery from Dieselpunk's maiden inspirations while basking in the elegance of curve & chrome in this converted warehouse. Also we have cookies.

Milliways - Zoren Manray

It's the restaurant at the end of the universe, or it might just be a poor approximation of one. It's a place where hoppy froods and Robits hang out and watch time pass by while enjoying good food and entertainment.

Burn2 Freebie Tent

Burners are gifters by nature; you'll find fun, useful and even playful gifts here to enjoy during your visit on the virtual playa. Be sure and say hello to the Greeters nearby. Ask them anything! They'll help with great info and directions.

Burn2 Stage Area

The Big Man holds up both stages in his very strong and capable hands. Two stages, and a big dance area in between. Enjoy tunes from your favorite performers, meet up with friends and just have a great time!

Panorama 'WE' - Ron Rendar and Mocha Stone

'We' is a dystopian novel by Russian writer Yevgeny Zamyatin, written 1920–1921. One thousand years after the One State's conquest of the entire world, the spaceship Integral is being built in order to invade and conquer extra-terrestrial planets. Meanwhile, the project's chief engineer, D-503, begins a diary that he intends to be carried upon the completed spaceship. "A vision of a united totalitarian state, a world of quadratic harmony and blue-grey conformity".

The Playa Queen 3020 - Dr. Dave

A not-so-hidden speakeasy, held aloft by massive engines but retro-decorated in the style of the 1920. This whiskey bar will have a tasting room with informational graphics and tasting notes of different types of distilled spirits.

Future Perfect - Leroy Horten

My perfect future is to live like the Jetsons! Elroy's Jetpack Cosmorama gives you the opportunity to test ride his top of the line
Jetpacks. You can also pickup a free one to fly around the event.

Surf Camp of The Future - JT Castanea

Some things never change. Waves will continue to caress our planet as long as she lives. Humans will continue to surf them as long as we live. The ocean is a surfer's church and the waves are our prayers repeated as differently in a day as we can fit in. Mahalo... JT and Megs

Pizzeria Galactica - Hormigonn

We are always going to love pizza, even in 3020! Come and join us in Pizza Galactica, where all lifeforms in the universe come every day to enjoy our Cosmic Slices and cool off with a tall glass of Sluurp.

The wonderful Earth Juice Box - Melodie Heart

In the year 3030 if humans survive. Our planet will be deprived of basic resources. Scientists will dig deeper to find liquid. A wonderful machine will squeeze the precious juice out of the ground to recreate a weather system. This will ensure the survival of humanity.

Galactic Grotto - Temp Hexem (Temptation)

The love child of the 1920's Cotton Club and a far future space station.

Special's Family Camp - Special Cathcart

The home of DJ Adjective, open for all to enjoy. Offering a space age art gallery featuring photographs from the real life Burning Man, floating high above Hell Station over the virtual playa in Deep Hole.

Travelers Rest :: Camp Hydrate Deep Space - Wisdom d'Avi

Highly recommended by 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' to all weary space wanderers for Space Walk and especially for the best & only space PIZZA with a money back guarantee! Rating: 13 Stars β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

Sector 22 Zines and Oddities - Catori Mistwalker and SHINY

At the edge of the playa's outer atmosphere is a bodega with a collection of magazines that you really have to see for yourself. Collect them all! Drinks at the floating bar are on the house! Open 24/7, this is the perfect outpost to fuel up on psychedelics and zines before you get lost in space.

The Lamplighters

The Lamplighters are bearers of the flame to the playa and embrace the Ten Principles. They are solemn on procession, full of fiery enthusiasm when dancing. See their procession and Fire Dance on Sunday before each Burn!

Burn2 Fashionistas

These Burners are always up to something else, but one thing you can count on: They'll be the ones Keeping It Klassy!
Fun-loving, sometimes frivolous, but on the runway you will see they are fabulous!
Don't miss their fashion show - right after the first Burn on Sunday.