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Code of Ethics


This Code of Ethics applies to all Burners in Burn2 - participants, volunteers and staff.

Personal Integrity

All Burners in the regional act with honesty, integrity, tolerance and transparency. Burn2 promotes an environment that values respect, fairness and collaboration.


Each Burner exercises reasonable care, good faith, and due diligence in their activities. Burners' activities together are based on mutual respect, fairness and openness. We also clean up after ourselves.


We encourage the contributions of Burners whose avatars come together in this virtual setting, behind whom are people from all over the physical world, and we welcome all who desire to participate in the spirit of collaboration and respect, no matter their race, religion, politics, age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, disability or background.


Burn2 is a community of creatives; we value the expression of unique gifts contributed by Burners. We encourage the sharing of knowledge and skills in all good things as each person may desire to do.


Because the activities of Burn2 take place within the virtual world of Second Life®, Burners have a responsibility to respect and consider fellow participants in the community, and beyond the 10 Principles, to comply with rules and guidelines as stated in the Linden Lab Terms of Service and Linden Lab Community Standards.


Everything we do within Burn2 is consent based. We value and respect each individual’s free will.


Co-creating a sense of belonging and family by encouraging and supporting each other toward a common goal, and also by celebrating with joy the unique contributions of each of us, that makes the Burner community whole.