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Burn2 Events

BURN2 is often described as an echo of Burning Man. The BURN2 Burners work to emulate the look and feel of the Black Rock desert of Nevada, USA, and this is at no time more apparent than in October every year on the virtual Playa, when we hold our annual BURN2 event nicknamed “Octoburn”. This is our major annual event, eagerly awaited and joyfully celebrated.

We have other, smaller events which have become traditions in our community.

  • Our winter event, January/February
  • Burnal Equinox, in March/April
  • Conception, in July
  • Skin Burn, one or two weeks after Octoburn

We encourage virtual Burners to volunteer to help out on teams for these events. There’s no such thing as a bystander in BURN2; you will find yourself participating in one way or another.