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Open Roles


Burn2 is a virtual regional of Burning Man that is run by passionate, dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers. We love our volunteers! We appreciate the gifts of time and talent they bring to our community.

Below is a list of volunteer staff roles that are available. You can look on the Departments and Roles page to see the various roles within the regional. Some of them are event-specific, filled by various individuals at different events or times. Others are held by the same people on an ongoing basis, and these are the roles within departments or teams that the leads have posted here that are available.

You may wonder why everyone who joins Burn2 is asked to fill out the Volunteer Registration form. This is a database maintained by our Volunteer Coordinator, and is a resource for identifying potential volunteers for different teams and departments or for events and projects. Volunteers who register through that form can help identify other areas of interest that they may have.

The listings on this page will be updated from time to time, as roles get filled or become available. Click on a role that interests you. If you want to apply, there is a link to a separate application form at the bottom of the open role information page. The lead for the role's department or team will contact you about your interest.