Da Vinci’s Workshop is Closed – Help Needed!

In the same way that all events must come to an end, our annual Octoburn event called “Da Vinci’s Workshop” is now closed, and our Skin Burn decompression event is also done. The playa is restored to its usual dusty condition. We hope you attended and enjoyed Da Vinci’s Workshop, and now we ask for […]

The Man Burns TODAY, Temple TOMORROW

This is a weekend filled with a sense of anticipation, excitement, a sense of culmination with a bit of sadness mixed in. This weeklong festival is drawing to its inevitable close. The Man has been turned nearly every hour, thanks to the efforts of the Burner community, who came when called and pushed together to make […]

Da Vinci’s Workshop is Open

Since last Saturday, da Vinci’s Workshop has been open and BUSY! Artists have completed their installations and music has been bouncing the playa amid much merriment and celebration. The party continues through Sunday night – don’t miss it! There are three stages, little surprises tucked into a number of camp plots, catacombs to explore – […]

Press Day for Da Vinci’s Workshop

Press Day at Da Vinci’s Workshop October 14, 2016 12-2pm and 7-10pm SLT SLURL: http://tinyurl.com/jtez452 “Welcome Home!” we say to Burners and friends! “Benvenuto a Casa !” in the language of Leonardo da Vinci – artist, inventor, eternally inquiring mind. We are calling out across the grid, welcome Home to the Playa! You’re invited to our next […]

Da Vinci’s Workshop: Performer Signup is now OPEN

What is a festival without MUSIC and ENTERTAINMENT? Awful quiet, right? We’ve never had a quiet event on the virtual playa and we’re not about to start now! With our next event coming up the 15th through 23rd of October, themed “Da Vinci’s Workshop” we are aiming to continue the tradition of filling the playa […]

Get a Plot for Da Vinci’s Workshop

We’ve been waiting all year for this “Big Burn” event in October, and now it is just three months away. That might seem to be a long time, but it’s easy to lose track.  We are so excited to tell you this: the annual plot sale for BURN2’s annual OctoBurn event we call “Da Vinci’s […]

BURN2 Town Hall Meeting Sunday 17th July 2016

BURN2 Town Hall Meeting July 17, 2016 9:00am SLT, 6:00pm SLT SLURL: http://tinyurl.com/zzd86e6 “Welcome Home!” we say to Burners, calling out across the grid, welcome Home to the Playa! You’re invited to a Town Hall meeting where we bring you news of the year just past and announcements of the upcoming Big Burn and all the good […]

Octoburn 2016: Da Vinci’s Workshop Poster Guidelines

Deadline to Submit Entries: Monday 25th July 2016, Midnight (11:59pm + 1 minute) We follow the BURN2 Infrastructure Policy – please review this when considering gifting your poster design contribution. This ensures that you will always be acknowledged as the original creator of your work, and also ensures the understanding of the use of your contributed artwork […]