Join us for the man and temple burns!

It’s that time! Burn the man with us! The Man will burn on Saturday, 3rd November, at 4:00 a.m, Noon, and 8:00 p.m., all in Second Life Time (Pacific Daylight Time) The Temple will burn on Sunday, 4th November, also  at 4:00 a.m, Noon, and 8:00 p.m., all in Second Life Time (Pacific Standard Time) Note […]

The Man burns on Saturday! The Temple burns on Sunday! (2011)

The events everyone looks forward to seeing. Drums beating, firesticks twirling, lamplighters dancing. People will be cheering and yelling. IF …….you do what you can to reduce lag and set your viewer up for optimal viewing. Here are some things to do so we don’t all end up stuck in lag or suddenly find outselves […]

Burn2 2011 – Welcome Home!

Burn2 2011 opens Saturday October 1, 2011 at noon SLT Hear that sound? That’s all the campers and musicians and rangers and lamplighters and car builders and greeters and so many other volunteers sighing in relief. Everything got done! Things are floating, driving, lighting, sparkling, twisting, rotating, giving…it’s amazing. And today…you get to see it […]

Playa Map 2011

Here is an aerial map of the 2011 Octoburn playa with sim names labeled; click on the map below to go to the high res version. Plan your time, find your can’t miss camps, print it out and mark the locations of your favorite parties. And if you see Uccie Poultry on the playa..tell her […]

Juried Theme Camp Artists

The Juried Theme Camp Artists The Art Commitee is pleased to announce the list of juried art camps fitting the theme of Rites of passage. These artists were chosen through an intensive selection process which involved a vastly encompassing variety of criteria to determine through consensus those whom we feel best represent a wide sample […]

Times for Burning the Man and the Temple (2011)

Here is the schedule for the burning of the man and the temple on October 8, 9, and 10. Notice the burn happens at multiple times to accomodate different time zones. DAYS:  Sat, Oct 8, Sun, Oct 9, Mon, Oct 10, BURNING OF THE MAN Man Burn 1:  Europe Burn Gather:   SLT, Sat, Oct […]

Center Camp is Starting to Take Shape

Center Camp is an important place at Burning Man. It’s a place to get out of the sun, get some coffee (ahhh..caffeine), and meet people. At Burn2, the center camp is starting to take shape. Super comfy lumpy chairs and sofas have been dragged under the dome. The coffee stand is in place. Art is […]

BURN2 Land Rush 2011

This is your last chance to get that amazing chunk o’ the Playa for BURN2! Load up your motor home, throw the tent in the Bus, and head out to the Virtual SL Playa! Saturday, September 10th starting at 9:00 AM SLT the virtual Playa will open. Three full sims will have 1024 square meter […]

BURN2 Regionals and Rangers Early Pass September 30, 2011

Burning Man, Regionals, and Rangers day at BURN2 September 30th is BURNING MAN Regional and Ranger day at BURN2. We are inviting all Regional leadership, BURNING MAN staff, and Rangers to come see the virtual playa before it opens. The BURN2 team will be hosting Art tours of some of the most amazing digital art […]

Night Time on the Playa

In SecondLife it can be night 24 hours a day if you want..except sunrises are so pretty. Here are some night time pictures ….not much ambient light yet on the playa to wash out the moon and stars.