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Conception 2021: Emergence

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Comme un arbre - Miss Melodie Heart

We plant trees, we grow trees, we cut trees, we burn trees, we monetize trees for carbone trading purposes. A giant artificial tree made of planks grows on the surface of the earth. The leaves of the tree are dollar bills that fly away in the wind. Children's hands full of hope wave to the growing tree. And a few surprises.

Star Child - Reaching For The Stars - Shimada Yoshikawa

"Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, Or what's a heaven for?" ~ Robert Browning
Mankind strives for immortality. In reaching for the stars, we find the roots of our origins. Conception, birth, life, death and rebirth are illustrated in my build.

Hope Out of Chaos - Letty Luckstone

Hope out of Chaos represents how life, good will, and hope can emerge even in chaotic and cruel times. In this artistic representation of how hope may emerge from chaos, you see an opening flower that protects hope within its petals, even as a quagmire of hate, cruelty, selfishness, and fear exist in the very soil that makes it grow. The soil of chaos is contained in a large potting box, and the flower blooms large above with only the roots touching, so that it appears suspended on air at the center, full of color, light, and a manifestation of hope. Visit this blooming wonder, but beware of the chaos that churns beneath.

Perception - Tempest Rosca Huntsman

Looking up - or looking down ? Size is irrelevant , what is relevant is your perception of it 🙂 Enjoy ! ♥

Co-builder: Johannes Huntsman

Life - Dusty Canning

Human life. When does it begin? At conception or on emergence, or somewhere in between !! Something to ponder.

Enchantment - Saraminka Nova

The whole path of being enchanted with something, you notice it, you like it, you decide you love it, and then it becomes part of you.

Inspiration Gestation - Holocluck Henly

Emergence is that progression to realization & greatness.

Coyote (mąʼii) - Mia Quinote

Many Native American Stories have the trickster embodied as a coyote, and Coyote Tales were central to long nights around the fire during winter months. Coyote (mąʼii) was one of the inhabitants of the first world of the Diné Bahaneʼ ("Story of the People"), the Navajo creation story.

Merry Marmot Emerging Technologies Inc. - Dr. Dave

This is a creative nod at the Alternative Energy Zone.

Moya from creator to creature - Moya Janus

The future will allow the artist to survive via his avatar and to travel through the media by becoming the creature. The artist begins this transformational process by manipulating his avatar and telling the story of the creature rather than the story of creation.

Who doesn’t love Dragons? - Vlad Breyer

The cocoons of the dragons are here, get inside them and dance, dance like there is no tomorrow, because tomorrow does not exist.

Burn2 Fashionistas

These Burners are always up to something else, but one thing you can count on: They'll be the ones Keeping It Klassy!
Fun-loving, sometimes frivolous, but on the runway you will see they are fabulous!
Don't miss their fashion show - right after the first Burn on Sunday.

Emergence Gate

A beautiful entry through to emerge onto the playa! You will be welcomed by Greeters ready to provide assistance and information, then send you on your way.

Wings - Francis Bagration

Interactive art camp.

Dispossed - Wyald Woolley

My build will cover the impact of the virus on a family...

Hope Emerging - August

Hope emerging. Nurturing. Protecting. Preserving. Flying. Even in a storm. Hope. Love. Thank you Poppy, Madeleine and Dusty.

Co-builder: Poppy

HOUSE OF MIRRORS - deyanira Yalin

A Mirror area to walk inside. Emerge from there with clearer mind. Not every thing you see is like that, at the end you will find what was real and what was illusion.

Emerging from the Ruins - Sabet Wanderer

Here is a ruined remnant of a dead empire and the camp of nomads who adapt and move on. Built by members of Creation Nation camp Black Rock City, with textures reconstructed from extant artifacts.

P-P-Playing on the Playa - Roxxcee Resident

As children we may amuse ourselves by joyfully creating on a daily basis. We are curious about the world. We explore new things. As we 'grow up' we are encouraged to put aside childish things. Our playful nature is discouraged. We are to focus our eyes on the serious work we must seriously do to be taken seriously. One day, perhaps, we wake up. Our eyes look out beyond the recommended path of the SHB (serious human being). We start to dabble with watercolours. We begin to draw badly. We shyfully warble our newly written songs, albeit a little offkey. We tentatively tell our stories. One day, perhaps, we arrive on the playa. Unpacking our art & images along with the bits & pieces of possibly useless stuff we like anyway. No longer SHBs, we zestfully play on the playa, painting our profligacy with profoundly peaceful pleasure.

The Arrival Of Inspiration - CC

The artist's vision does not usually appear fully formed in a blinding flash of revelation or inspiration. It is a recursive process of iterative refinement. From the mud and straw of an initial idea, the artist's Holy Grail slowly emerges.

Emerging/Improving - Rayvynex

Volcano erupting....with a phoenix emerging .....

Leaving Eden - Ron Rendar

Make your journey….., be challenged to look different and reach new consciousness. Take the stairs up. Start in chaos and despair, then see new perspectives, experience imagination and new consciousness toward transformation. ‘A caterpillar cannot fly, a butterfly can’

Co-builder: Mocha Stone

The being in the moment thing - Adwehe

To be in the moment gives the gift to emerge, as fluid as all our experiences appear, be it inside or the outside worlds, a mysterious constant in the form of a color and light melding structure appeared, just sitting there waiting for the curious to be explored. Giving visitors a chance to be in the moment and emerge, without barriers, with just a small amount of their time opening a shared gift.

The Lamplighters

The Lamplighters are bearers of the flame to the playa and embrace the Ten Principles. They are solemn on procession, full of fiery enthusiasm when dancing. See their procession and Fire Dance on Sunday before each Burn!

The Emergence Main Stage

The Main Stage and BOB Stage, across from Main Stage, will be the scenes for much enjoyment of tunes and entertainment throughout the weekend. The Burn2 Calendar has the full schedule - check it and plan to come, enjoy and dance!

Emergence E - Xiija

An arcade where you will "emerge" with more happiness than you entered with?

Emergence Room - Bellibutton Jewell

A Burning Man Emergence Room, where Nurse Cratchet oversees the emergence of... well...stuff that needs to emerge. She's a sweetheart. Stop by and say "Hello". Don't expect her to talk back, tho. If she does, you may not like it. Just emerge and move along.

Doorway to Beyond - Bethann Causten

An entire structure made of doors and doorways leading the participant to what is beyond.

Surreal Life - Johannes Huntsman

Primitive alien campsite with surreal art

transmission & dead star dust - Ineffable Mote

Visual bells ringing through oblivion

Flowers - Jeff Olhoeft

Flowers emerging from the desert, as after a rare rain.

The Temple of Emerging Change Alien or Human - Andrea Jones

This little building seems to have spaceship over it. Little greys are running around a center chamber with a light shooting into it. Humans seems to be gathered in the mix. Is it possibly a place for aliens to emerge from their human forms and go home? Or Humans being converted into greys for some other reason? Only they seem to know!

Weird Goat Eye - serra Qendra

The build is about a changed state, from a photograph of a goat's eye to an abstract sculpture. It is partly about the way you can't always see what something "is" because you are too close to it. Anyway, maybe it has now become, and now "is", that new thing? It is also about goats as symbols of freedom and self-reliance, spaces from which the new emerges.

Suika - Towa Etzel

Suika is watermelon. It's written "西瓜" in Kanji. 西 is west. 瓜 is melon. It came from a country far west over China. One of the symbols of summer. I hope summer comes soon♪ Take a rest with seed seat, and have Fun Burn.

Co-builders: Geo Greenwood, ogrekojirou littlepaws

Forbidden Metaverse - 3vilyn

Featuring a collection of NFT art from Crypto Art Week Asia.
Can crypto art be appreciated in non blockchain virtual worlds?

Burn2 Freebie Tent

Burners are gifters by nature; you'll find fun, useful and even playful gifts here to enjoy during your visit on the virtual playa. Be sure and say hello to the Greeters nearby. Ask them anything! They'll help with great info and directions.

Emergence Effigy

As is our custom in our Regional events, we like to burn something representative of the event's theme. With Emergence comes this effigy in the form of a woman. Doomed to burn - twice - on Sunday the 11th of July.

Burn2 Rangers

Riding the Edge of Chaos! The Burn2 Rangers are the mediators and members of the Burner community who uphold the Ten Principles of Burning Man. They readily give assistance to Burners old and new. You'll recognise a Ranger by their hat, radio and tag. Find one and say hello!