BURN2 Conception 2018 Event Staff

So that you can contact the appropriate staff for questions related to the upcoming BURN2 event, use the information listed below. BURN2 Conception: Prometheus’ Gift (June 29 – July 1, 2018) Event Lead: Vian Magic Placement Lead: iSkye Silverweb Communications Team: iSkye Silverweb (lead), Mia Quinote, SuperSuz Rangers Lead: Leondra Larsson Titan Team: Vian Magic […]

BURN2 Conception 2018 Theme: Prometheus’ Gift

Conception 2018: Prometheus’ Gift The inspiration for this theme came from the love of fire that is common to all of us Burners. The sight of a spark inspires us, a raging bonfire enthralls us. But before fire inspired creativity, it gave warmth to our bodies and flavour to our food. And how did we […]

Conception 2018 – Prometheus’ Gift Build Guidelines

Conception is BURN2’s celebration of the start of things, the origins of our Regional among them. We talk of beginnings, awakenings, and enlightenments. This year’s Conception theme centers around the origins of fire, the ancient stories our forebears told each other about how mankind came to have and control fire. “Prometheus’ Gift” is not so […]

Prometheus' Gift

Conception 2018: Prometheus’ Gift

Conception 2018 Theme! Last week, we asked for theme ideas for Conception and we were not disappointed! We had 25 very interesting and varied ideas submitted. At the last planning meeting, we looked at all of them, and the committee took a vote to narrow down to three favourites, from which we selected the winner: […]

A Burning Need for Ideas – for Conception 2018

We begin to look forward now to our next event: Conception.  It will be June 29th – July 1, 2018 and we are calling for suggestions for themes – we’ve begun to compile a nice list of some, but we want more from the Burner community. Participate! Keeping in mind that Conception is about the […]