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Radical Ritual was an incredible Burn week, but it’s not over yet!

When? SATURDAY, 4 November 2017
Times? 11am SLT (11.00) and 6pm SLT (18.00 – yes, we will do it twice)
Where? SLURL will be given here when the check-in area is open

WHAT IS SKIN BURN? Glad You Asked!
Skin Burn is a BURN2 decompression event, an encore Burning of the Man in a low lag environment, where everyone is encouraged to get CREATIVE in SKINS.

WHY do we do this?
During the weeklong annual Burn event, the sims can get quite laggy, and some Burners don’t see the Man Burn quite so well. Thus we have an encore Burn with lower lag for everybody. Besides, it’s another party!

HOW do we do it?
We STRIP – down to our skins!
We DETACH – let go of our hair, our shoes, jewelry, even HUDs!
We GET CREATIVE – let out the artist in us and paint our skins BEAUTIFUL!

For a more glorious Burn for you and everyone around you, let go of those attachments to see the Burn in all its particle-y, fiery glory.

You will go through a check-in process for the Burn. There are two things we check for: script weight and avatar complexity. Read on!

**WE RECOMMEND that you use a classic avatar – this provides for the lowest possible script weight and avatar complexity (just 0 or 1000 – value depends on your viewer). And it is just for this event!

We will have free skins available for those who want them, and checkers to help you detach and get ready to go to the playa.

Maximum Script Weight

This counts the number of scripts you are wearing. The goal is 1 or 0 scripts. Less is always better, it dramatically cuts down on lag for everyone. There are exceptions for certain avatars (petites, tinies, certain mesh avatars), but the more scripts you can remove, the better for EVERYONE!

How do I lower my script weight? Start with these steps:

  1. Take off scripted items, such as multitools, combat HUDs, dance HUDs, huggers, and shoes and jewelry with resize or color change features.
  2. Detach collars and weapons. If on Firestorm, detach the Firestorm Bridge. This is just for this event.
  3. Look for clothing attachments, remove them. System layer clothes do not add to script weight, so they are fine.
  4. Does your hair have resizing menus? Make a copy, then use the menu option to delete the resizing scripts in your everyday copy, and wear that. The original can be copied again, then use the copy to customise to whatever other feature you want, then delete the scripts from that copy.
  5. Take off your AO and use a viewer with a built-in AO, like Firestorm (the built-in AO will not count against your script weight).
  6. Remove flight assist devices. Fly will be turned OFF at the Burn sims anyway.

Avatar Complexity

A notecard distributed inworld contains good information with advice that, if followed, will make everyone’s Burn better. More information can be found at these links How Do I Examine Complexity Values? and Avatar Rendering Complexity.

While we can’t set a specific complexity level as a hard limit, we do recommend and WE WILL HELP with the following:

  • Get your avatar complexity down as low as possible. This means removing non-essential items from your avatar (non-body parts, attachments, mesh/sculpted items, hair, jewelry, shoes, toys, etc.). It does NOT mean you have to take off the avatar you wear every day and go to a classic avatar. If you are normally a Tiny, you will be able to remain a Tiny.
  • Detach all attached scripted items and HUDs even AOs, so your script weight is 0 or 1. Again, there are exceptions for certain avatars (petites, tinies, certain mesh avatars). The more scripts you can remove, the better for EVERYONE!

That said, there are some workarounds for those who do not want to be nude…

  • System layer clothing does NOT affect avatar complexity or script weight – so you don’t have to be naked! And, you can still be a nice, skinny 1000 complexity with your classic avatar!
  • Appliers for mesh bodies work similarly to system clothing, so your mesh avatar won’t have to be naked either.

The lower lag we get, the better the Burn will be for all!

When you pass the check-in, you will get invited into the special BURN2 SKIN BURN group and teleport to the playa. Everybody goes through check-in – even Rangers and staff!

Check-in opens 2 hours before, and closes 10 minutes before, the Burn starts – the Check-in team want to see the Burn, too!

11:00AM SLT (11.00) and 6:00PM SLT (18.00)

Check-in Landmark TBA on Saturday, opens at 9am SLT (09.00) for the 11am Burn, then again at 4pm SLT (16.00) for the 6pm (18.00) Burn.

Here’s a last thought for you. How many of the Ten Principles do we put into practice here? (Psssst – all of them!):

  • RADICAL INCLUSION – including more of our fellow Burners in the event with lower lag!
  • RADICAL SELF-RELIANCE – finding and using the creativity within ourselves to benefit ourselves and others
  • RADICAL SELF-EXPRESSION – go wild with your skin and system clothing/appliers!
  • COMMUNAL EFFORT – we are all in this together and we can have FUN doing it together!
  • CIVIC RESPONSIBILITY – being considerate of our fellow Burners.
  • PARTICIPATION – be a part of the Skin Burn!
  • IMMEDIACY – enjoy the now, the moment, the experience.
  • DECOMMODIFICATION – we share things for those who want them; no money changes hands.
  • LEAVE NO TRACE – After the Burn party is done, we clean up after ourselves!