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Burn2: Winter Burn

Winterburn Wonderland
Plots on the Playa


Here's your resource to know who has built what and where!

Click on a photo to get the SLURL location of each spot. Be sure to explore all the plots - there are gifts in many places!

Don't miss the Burns on Sunday at noon and 6pm SLT! And to warm us all up for them, join the Lamplighters on procession to the effigy.

If the region is full or you cannot log in, you can still enjoy the event by watching the live stream on Mixcloud.

Childlike Wonder

Southwest Area: Memories of Childhood

Penguin Fishing Village Deyanira Yalin
Awakenings - Candace
Winter Wonderland of Myth Legend & Horror - Andrea Jones
The Wonderland of Moya - Moya Janus
I am Burning Man - Sabet Wanderer

Magic & Wonder

Northwest Area: Floating Islands & Fae Forest

Welcome to the Wonderful world OF!! - Zombie Cupcake
Pagan Fantasy Camp - paganmomma13
Magerium - John Huntsman
A Refuge for the Tiny Folk - iSkye Silverweb
Monde de Surprise - Freia Guillaume
Magical Dinner - Mocha
Violet Durn
Runes - Cuga Rajal
Innocence - MirandaNomad
Lyrics Ponder Wonderment - Lyric S Heart

Wild-eyed Wonder

Northeast Area: Where Anything is Possible

Double De-stress - Laurelle Nightfire
Third Eye - Neko
Fractal in a Dream - Armageddon Incognito
Mycelium Mayhem - Alesha Hax
KoaGear - Towa Etzel
Ice Dreams - August
The Strangelove Initiative - knottykarma
Marmot Mountain - Dr Dave
Zane and Hollys Hangout - HollyConstantine
Alice is Here - Bellibutton Jewell
Open Hole - Bar Tenk

Natural Wonder

Southeast Area: Invoking a Sense of Wonder

Fjord-light - Chi Ardani
Winter Beeyard with Drums - Bee and Lily
Metamour-phosis - Alec Absinthe
Ice Temple & Hot Springs - XiledSol


Main Stage - Cuga Rajal
Effigy - Jeff Olhoeft
Gate - MirandaNomad
Train - Huntress Catteneo
Fire Arts Performance Area - Laurelle Nightfire