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Play at Burn2's Black Rock Saloon

Do you enjoy playing music on the playa? How about in the Black Rock Saloon?

If you are in the Burn2 Access group and are in good standing with our guidelines of the 10 Principles of Burning Man, you have the option to play in the Black Rock Saloon during the year. We encourage pop-up performances at the saloon (either inside or on the roof!). All we ask is you sign up on the schedule so we know ahead of time, and to ensure the date and time you want is not a conflict with another event. Then you can wear your tag, go to the Black Rock Saloon on Gerlach Road in Deep Hole, call out in the group chats in BurningMan 2.0 and Burn2 Access groups - then fill the air with tunes!

Typically live singers, sign up for 1-hour slots; DJs can sign up for 2 1-hour slots, back to back. TIMES ARE SLT/US PACIFIC TIME.

We need AT LEAST 48 hours lead time before your planned booking so please schedule at least 2 days in advance so that we can follow up with you, and inform the community!

If you are not in the Burn2 Access group, contact Freia Guillaume or iSkye Silverweb in world to get the details and be set up to perform at the Saloon.

Burn2 Black Rock Saloon - In Front
Burn2 Black Rock Saloon - Inside
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