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Burn2 Burnal Equinox

One World=One Burn

One World=One Burn

The theme for this year's Burnal Equinox event expresses a beautiful concept: "Bringing the world together under one banner of peace, love, and burns. Inclusiveness of all cultures, heritages, and communities."

North meets South, East meets West and they converge around our effigy cradling the world at the center of it all. Where would you like to have your camp or build? Which direction suits you? Come see it with your own eyes, pick out a spot you like and sign up HERE to claim your special corner of the world.

With Burnal Equinox we celebrate that we are approximately midway to our next annual "Big Burn" Octoburn event. With the theme we celebrate being together as a Burner community, with our members hailing from all parts of the world and gathering on Deep Hole, our home away from Home.

There are so many ways that the theme can be expressed, and among our community of creatives there is no lack of ideas and expressions. We look forward to coming together again to build, create, play, dance, and burn. Join us!

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