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Linden Lab Terms of Service and Community Standards

Linden Lab® Terms of Service and Community Standards

Our adherence to the philosophy and Ten Principles of Burning Man means we have a very liberal ethos on the virtual playa. We have policies in place designed to not only to let us mirror Burning Man as much as we can, but also to ensure we stay in compliance with the Linden Lab® Terms of Service and Community Standards while on Deep Hole.

Thus we are often challenged by the things we encounter on the virtual playa, much like we would be at Burning Man. We may be pushed outside our comfort zones, forced to realise other perspectives, and caused to look within ourselves, to question our own biases and preconceptions. We are not forced to accept everything, but we are asked to acknowledge that other perspectives exist and can be as valid as our own.

Lest we get too weighed down by any perception of a restrictive framework, keep in mind that we are Burners and free to BE as wild, imaginative, creative, and fun-loving as ever, collaborating, including, and expressing ourselves while having a whole lot of fun in the process.