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Header Image - Friday Burner Social

June 19th Friday Burner Social

This year Burning Man has been encouraging Regionals and Burners to stay connected through this very unusual time. Burn2 will participate on one of several online "channels" in the Friday Burner Social taking place tomorrow - Friday, June 19th - from 8:00 PM to midnight SLT/PDT.

Join BURN2, Burning Man's Virtual Regional since 2010. If you are coming to Burn2's Friday Burner Social, there will be a few steps to take to get ready:

  • Get a FREE account and avatar
  • Download the software to access the virtual Playa on Deep Hole
  • Get the location to arrive at Deep Hole
  • Get other information and updates as well

What will be happening on Deep Hole

(Times given in SLT (PDT):

08:00 PM: A visit with the Lamplighters
An initiation of new Lamplighters will take place, followed by a synchronised dance around the fire at their Village.
09:00 PM: BURN2 Art Tour
With the Radical Catalyst Club doing in-world, cross information and then touring the art.
10:00 PM: Newbie Dance Hour with Live Music at our BURN2 Stage!
Come dance with us! Come in world with an avatar and we will teach you how to get your avatar to dance. Volunteers will be standing by to show you how to dance, or take the "How to Dance" lesson (photos and tour) and then come dance with us at our stage with live performers.
11:00 PM: Newbie Fun Time with Art Cars and Thunderdome!
Come play with us! Thunderdome and Art Car fun time. We have plenty of art cars for you to come play with. We will show you how. Take your avatar for a spin on one of our art cars.

Go to this page to learn how to get ready, and to join us on the virtual playa. Stay tuned at and we'll see you, virtually, soon!

This event is how Burn2 collaborates as part of an online program by the Bay Area Burners - a new fangled, old fashioned Friday night social. They have planned virtual activities such as a 10 Principles Game Show, a drawing salon, digital art and performances hosted by Burners in Burn2 (yes! our virtual regional), or dance among friends in a safe and encouraging online creative space with stunning visual artistry. There will be a documentary film about Burning Man showing on Saturday and Sunday. For more information about this and other events, check the following links:

FB event (8:00-9:00pm FRIDAY):
Direct link to pay-what-you-want tickets:
Journal post about the Solstice weekend:

Coming Up:

July 24-26: Burnstock Performers - sign up!

August 30-September 7: Virtual Black Rock City Yes, Burn2 will participate! More details soon.

October 9-18: Octoburn 2020: The Multiverse Mark your calendars! More on planning and plots later, too!