Metamorphoses 2019 Call for Posters!

It’s Coming! Our Big Burn in October! There have been a lot of inquiries. It’s clear that Burners look forward to it. And as many know, it’s our tradition at Burn2 to follow Burning Man’s art theme at our own annual October event. This year, it is “Metamorphoses” (not Metamorphosis – there is a difference). […]

Radical Ritual SKIN BURN! Saturday November 4th

Radical Ritual was an incredible Burn week, but it’s not over yet! When? SATURDAY, 4 November 2017 Times? 11am SLT (11.00) and 6pm SLT (18.00 – yes, we will do it twice) Where? SLURL will be given here when the check-in area is open WHAT IS SKIN BURN? Glad You Asked! Skin Burn is a BURN2 […]

Burn2 Radical Ritual Landmarks

Welcome Home! Here is a list of the major attractions and event locations for BURN2: Radical Ritual. Front Gate / Welcome Area Rangers Station (Cart tours are available at the corner of this location) Lamplighters Center Camp Walk-in Camping, Deep Hole Walk-in Camping, Alkali Department of Mutant Vehicles (DMV) […]

BURN2 Radical Ritual Opens Saturday 21 October

“Welcome Home!” We say to Burners and friends! The spectacle of the year is soon to begin, infused with the theme of Radical Ritual, in which you will see interpretations of every kind. “Reinventing ritual in our post post-modern world – disregarding assertions of belief and focus on the immediate experience of play. Play can […]

Event Lead Staff for Radical Ritual

So that you can contact the appropriate staff for questions related to the upcoming BURN2 event, use the information listed below. BURN2 OctoBurn: Radical Ritual Event Leads: ??, Daark Gothly, iSkye Silverweb Placement Leads: Huntress Catteneo Communications Lead: iSkye Silverweb Rangers Lead: Leondra Larsson Man Build Team: Marianne McCann, Pygar Bu Temple Build: Daark Gothly […]

Radical Ritual: Getting Closer

Get Your Goggles, Masks, and Camp Gear Ready! The sims are IN, and being prepared. Lots to do: naming, setting, putting down roads, and the Gate and other infrastructure are being put into place. Plots are being marked out, with locations reserved for Center Camp, the Man, the Temple. The day draws nearer when builders […]