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Virtual Burn 2021

August 29 - September 5


Burn2 is participating in Burning Man's Virtual Burn 2021 event, with a small-scale version of our annual "echo" of Black Rock City, complete with stages, art, music, and even Man and Temple! We invite you to visit and participate with us.

Burn2 is the oldest running virtual regional residing in Second Life® and echoing Black Rock City. It is accessible by a PC/Mac using a desktop world viewer and our instructions to arrive.

Quick steps:

Virtual Burn 2021

Virtual Burn 2021

Traditionally, Burn2 "echoes" the annual event in Black Rock City, Nevada. Last year and once again this year, however, things are different. Burning Man went virtual. We are participating in Burning Man's Virtual Burn 2021. For the six worlds involved, this is just the second year they have created virtual experiences. Burn2 has been operating - and thriving - since 2003.

What to Expect After You Arrive

You will land in Burn2’s virtual Deep Hole, which has been made into a small-scale version of our “echo” of Black Rock City. During the week leading up to the burn weekend, there will be workshops on various topics that encourage creativity:

  • how to virtually burn things,
  • being a virtual Fashionista,
  • creating unique visual environment effects,
  • animating graphics,
  • poetry and philosophical discussion.

At the weekend, DJs and live performers are set to entertain your eyes and ears, adding an aural dimension to your experience on our virtual playa! The week ends with the burns of Man and Temple. The Man we will burn is a creation based on the original Man by Zoren Manray; the Temple Caelum of Stars is a completely original design by Daark Gothly.

You can find these activities on Burn2's event calendar.

Coming Up: Virtual Burn 2021 @ Burn2

August 29 - September 5

The region is full? No problem!
You can watch the event on our live stream or view the recording!