Santalarity is coming! (2012)

The Black Rock Desert is empty this time of year. Back to the virgin desert. It’s also a lot colder, with a 40° high this time of year, and overnight temps in the teens. No clouds to speak of, though, so no snow yet. Driving up is a single lonely pickup, kicking up dust. It […]

BURN2: Fertility isn’t QUITE over yet!

BURN2: Fertility isn’t QUITE over yet!   Burning Man’s Ten Principles calls for Radical Self Expression. As part of that Self Expression, we celebrate the Burning Culture while watching the Man burn under low lag conditions by wearing skins (and clothing layers), no attachments, and few (if any) scripts. This enables more avatars to enjoy the […]

BURN2 Is Open! (2012)

BURN2 has been extended! It now runs through Sunday, November 4! Join us in six regions full of art, creativity, and fire! BURN2 will reach its climax with the Burning of The Man on Saturday, November 3, and The Temple on Sunday, November 4! We’ll see you there!

Burn2 Parcels: Sold Out!

Just days before building opens, Burn2 has sold out of all available parcels. The event will boast six regions of art and entertainment thanks to those who have bought parcels and donated land and lindens to the event. A big thank you for all of us with Burn2 for your generosity and support! If you […]

What’s the big idea? No, tell us! You might get a camp!

We LOVE to showcase awesome art and amazing theme camps – and we still have a couple spaces available for them. If that sounds like you, send in an application ASAP. There is not much time left! Juried Art – These Parcels are curated by the BURN2 Art Department. Second Life artists are invited to […]

Artists on the Playa: Five amazing artists invited to Burn2 (2012)

Every year we invite several artists we feel will provide incredible works to the Burn2 community. This year, we are proud to announce five very special artists we’ve invited to show their work on the virtual Playa at this year’s Burn2 event! Our 2012 invitees are: Silene Christen in her native Spain, Silene has worked […]

Want to build something awesome? How about the Burn2 Temple?

In keeping with the Burning Man principles of gifting and participation, we’re looking for volunteers to help build this year’s Temple!  More importantly, in keeping with the principle of communal effort, this year’s Temple build will be a group effort, each individual on the build team contributing to the whole: an awesome Burn2 Temple! If […]

Notes from the Town Hall: Parcels, Pricing, and the Theme!

For those of you who weren’t able to make it to the Town Hall meeting on the 11th of August, here’s the skinny! This year our event — the only Burning Man Regional Event that is allowed to burn the man — will be held from the 20th to 28th of October. Expect to see […]

Town Hall, 11th August, 2012!

Brushing away fresh prim shavings, plans were rezzed across the work table in the twinkie, a dusty quonset hut surrounded by desert. Out spilled notecards full of ideas and textures of wonderful things yet to be. It was time to tell everyone what was to come. Come one and all to a very special town […]

Welcome Home to Burn2!

Trailing a cloud of particle-based dust, a weather worn pickup truck adorned with spray paint and stick on mirrors comes to a skidding halt. Slowly, the driver emerge… a gaunt figure wearing a cowboy hat, goggles, t-shirt, a Utilikilt, and lizard skin cowboy boots.  In the face of a warm sun floating high in the […]