Philip Linden coming to Conception!

Birthdays, Beginnings, Conceptions. When something we love is born, we love to celebrate its being-ness. When two things we love come together in one person, we really have something to get excited about! Please join us in Burning Man- Deep Hole on Thursday, 21st June, 2012 at 4:00 PM SLT for an informal talk with […]

Conception: Be A Part!

Hello everyone! BURN2’s “Conception,” our celebration of Second Life’s birthday, will feature events & performances at our own Center Camp! We are looking for performers & stage managers who would like to celebrate with us. Would you like to join in the fun? Below is the performers schedule: Please contact Barbs Kurka or Neeks Karu […]

CONCEPTION: Why is Burn2 integral to Second Life

With the Second Life 9th Birthday upon us, we with Burn2 want to take a moment to explain why Second Life would not be what it is without Burning Man. The key lays with Second Life’s founder and first (and third) CEO, Philip Rosedale, the first life incarnation of Philip Linden. Way back in 2009, on Second Life’s own blog, […]

BURN2 – Conception! (2012)

The SL9B organizers chose not to include BURN2 in this year’s festivities, so guess what? We’re throwing our OWN party, Burner style! That’s right! Since SL was BORN at Burning Man–did you know that?–we’re having our own party! & YOU can participate! We’re looking for camps & art builds from previous Burning Life/BURN2 events. Want […]