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2024 brings optimism and fun with the themes we've chosen for events coming up this year. If you look at what we did in 2023, you will see we do much more than the four official regional events - Burn2 Burners love any excuse to have FUN together! You can see what we're planning and what we've already done, below.

Mark your calendar and watch for event signups to join in - as an artist, a performer, or a participant - you won't be a bystander in any case!

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Looking Ahead: Conception!

July 26-28, 2024

Volunteer teams are forming - interested? Come to a planning meeting (held Thursday nights 9pm SLT & Sunday mornings 9am SLT) or contact one of Burn2's leads to express interest in volunteering.

News from Burning Man

Scroll down and check out the information below "BRIEF NEWS FROM BURNING MAN PROJECT" for updates about Black Rock City and the Burning Man Regional Network.

What's Happening at Burn2

Brief News from Burning Man Project

25 to Thrive Community Forums: 11 May 2024

What should the next 25 years of the Burning Man Regional Network look like?
What would it take for all of our communities to be more successfully interconnected and thrive?
These are the questions we will discuss on Saturday, 11 May 2024 - Choice of two sessions: 10:00am and 5:00pm Pacific Standard Time (content is same for both).
Click this box to read more about the 25 to Thrive initiative!

Burning Man 2024: All the Deadlines

Want to know all the deadlines for forms to fill out, things to do?
Click this box to go to this page - you will need your (fully updated) Burning Man Profile to see this!

Ticket Sale for Burning Man 2024

Official Information about Tickets for Burning Man!
Click this box for details!

Ticket Registration closes APRIL 12, 2024!
Sale starts April 17, 2024 12pm (noon) PST

The Man Pavilion

Burning Man Project have announced the selection of the 2024 Man Pavilion.

Click this box to read the post in the Burning Man Journal.

Adapting to Growth and Limits in Black Rock City

Over the years while we've had Black Rock City out in the desert, we've grown, and grown... and grown. We're hitting capacity limits and this is a reality that has Burning Man looking at what we can do.

Click this box to read the post by Bryant Tan in the Burning Man Journal.

Going to BRC in 2024?

Preparation is important! There are a few forms to complete!

  • Placed Camp Questionnaire - due March 28
  • Mutant Vehicle Application - due April 17
  • Placed Camp Questionnaire for All Support Camps - due April 18
  • Art Installation Questionnaire - due May 22
  • BRC Fuel Program Application - due June 15
  • BRC Media Application - due July 17
  • Accessibility Vehicle Application - due August 14

And, of course, check your to-do list to get ready to go! It's not too soon to get started!


2023 MOOP Map


LEAVING NO TRACE: “The Burning Man community respects the environment. We are committed to leaving no physical trace of our activities wherever we gather. We clean up after ourselves and endeavor, whenever possible, to leave such places in a better state than when we found them.”

Click here to go to the Burning Man Journal article and read more.

The Man Burns
August 31, 2024

Art Theme: Curiouser & Curiouser

Calling All Central Plaza Collaborators!

Going to BRC in 2024? A redesign of the City Center of Black Rock City is underway. Community cultural powerhouses are invited to participate by sharing feedback and ideas! Click anywhere in this box to join in the transformation process.

BRC's Temple in 2024!

The word is out - this year's Temple at Black Rock City will be the Temple of Together, designed by Caroline Ghosn!

Click here to go to the Burning Man Journal article and read more.

Burners Without Borders News

Stay Up to Date: Click here to go to site!

Burn2's Events and Themes in 2024

January 26-28, 2024
Winter Burn: Dream Catchers in the Snow

Native American dream catchers from the Ojibwe tribe were traditionally used as talismans. Their purpose was to protect sleepers, especially children, from bad dreams, nightmares and evil spirits. Native Americans believed that at night the air was filled with dreams, both good and bad. The theme involves bringing dreams to life. In the builds, the theme of dreams, and keeping the bad dreams away. Inspirational builds that blur the line between dreams and waking life.

March 22-24, 2024
Burnal Equinox: Hope Springs Eternal

As the Winter comes to an end, Spring brings the hope of renewal and rebirth. Includes flowers blooming, and the dance of life.

July 26-28, 2024

(wɪmzi ) also whimsey. uncountable noun. Whimsy is behavior that is unusual, playful, and unpredictable, rather than having any serious reason or purpose behind it.
Tap into the absolutely wonderful chaos that is Whimsy...

October 18-27, 2024
Octoburn: Curiouser & Curiouser

We "echo" Burning Man's TTITD every year including the theme, read about it here.

What We Did This Year

Pirate Party with Lily

Popup Pirate Party with Lily
Friday, 26 April 2024
Poster by Lily Von Magic

Movie Night with Neko 25 April 2024

Popup Movie Night with Neko
Thursday, 25 April 2024

Movie Night with Gin 23 April 2024

Popup Movie Night with Gin
Tuesday, 23 April 2024

Freia's Party Invite

Thank You Volunteers from Freia
Saturday, 06 April 2024
Poster by Freia Guillaume

Burnal Equinox 2024 - Hope Springs Eternal

Burnal Equinox 2024
March 22-24, 2024
Poster by HOOGiE and Moon

Burn2 Welcome Hub Community Exhibit, photo by Rui Costa

Burn2 at Welcome Hub Communities
Est. January 29, 2024
Photo by Rui Costa

Winter Burn 2024

Winter Burn 2024
January 26-28, 2024
Poster by HOOGiE and Moon

Burn2 2021: Skin Burn

Burn2 is for YOU if:
- You are interested in the Second Life 3D virtual world;
- You are looking for a very active year-round virtual Burning Man community with seasoned real-life Burners;
- You want the ability to make playa dust angels, snuggle your avatar friends, partner & group dance, ride in art cars, and interact with 3D art.

New to Burn2?

Getting Started

Below are a pair of video tutorials to help you get started. More details can be found on this page.

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