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Welcome to 2021!

This year started off with a fundraising event called Unplugged, a day-long party of acoustic music on the 28th of January. Some of the best acoustic, live performers on the SL grid will gift their tunes to the community on the virtual playa in Deep Hole! Be sure to join us.

Winter Burn brought a whimsical twist with its theme, "Bubble Gum & Duct Tape" - we'll have performances all weekend, art installations and camps all around and no shortage of fun to be had.

Burnal Equinox saw another fun theme, "Roaring 3020s," a futuristic exploration of the exuberant days of speakeasies and flapper fringes.

Coming Soon Conception 2021

Conception is coming (July 9-11)! Planning is underway for that, as well as for Burnstock (July 23-25) and our regional's participation in Burning Man's Virtual Burn 2021 (August 29 - September 5). It's going to be a busy summer!

The year's events will culminate with our own "big burn" echo of Black Rock City, Octoburn: "The Great Unknown", (October 8-17), closing that out with a final Skin Burn (October 30). Stay tuned for more on that, too!

News from Burn2

Spotlight: The Burn2 Fashionistas

Spotlight: The Burn2 Fashionistas

Strutting Their Stuff: The Burn2 Fashionistas Here is a brief history about the Fashionistas and how they became a popular feature at Burn2 events in the virtual world known as Second Life®. Prior to 2017, there was no formally organised group of fashionistas in...

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Summer 2021 News

Summer 2021 News

Burn2 Summer Update Lots of planning and teaming up happens during those planning meetings, and what you see here is the outcome. Thinking to volunteer? Go to the Volunteer Registration page to join us. In addition to what's coming this summer and also in October, we...

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Let’s Talk About…BWBSL

Let’s Talk About…BWBSL

Spotlight: Burners Without Borders in Second Life This post explains how this particular group of civic-minded avatars strives to make the difference toward a better world for others in the community. Because the people behind the avatars are from all over the world,...

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More Burn2 Events

Mark your calendar and join in - as an artist, a performer, or a participant - you won't be a bystander in any case!

Conception: July 9-11, 2021
Theme: Emergence

Burnstock: July 23-25, 2021

Virtual Burn 2021: August 29 - September 5, 2021

Octoburn: October 8-17, 2021
"The Great Unknown"

Skin Burn: October 30, 2021

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