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Burn2 2020: The Multiverse

October 9-18, 2020

The Burn2 virtual playa is now starting to take on a look and feel that echoes Black Rock City, with a playa six times bigger than what was seen at VRC Week. With the increased space and access for avatars, visitors will be invited to experience a look and feel of Black Rock City with Greeters, music, art, and an enthusiastic community of Burners.

Many familiar mainstays will be found on this playa - Center Camp, Gate and Greeters, Lamplighters, even Rangers. Also to be discovered, explored and experienced will be art installations across the regions and three official stages as well as sound camps featuring DJs, live singers and performers from across the community of this virtual world. Also familiar will be the sounds of community, and the words, "Welcome Home!"

Streaming LIVE from Here!

Starting October 9th, portions of Burn2 2020: The Multiverse will be streamed live - if unable to come into our Multiverse, you can watch it on Mixcloud or our YouTube channel.

Burn Weekend!

It is our tradition to burn the Man on Saturday and the Temple on Sunday. We will have each Burn twice, so that burners from different time zones can view the Burns at a convenient time. Come and be a part of it with us!

While access is limited to three regions for viewing each burn, if all three regions are full you will be able watch the live stream on our Mixcloud! The locations to the regions for seating to watch the Burns will be posted below when they are available.

Viewing Areas for Man Burn (3 locations)
SATURDAY 17 October 2020
Time TBA

Viewing Areas for Temple Burn (3 locations)
SUNDAY 18 October 2020
Time TBA

Special Treat for Burners

Hawks Airshow

Just as at Black Rock City when the event is over, after the Leave No Trace deadline, every scrap of MOOP must be removed from the playa. All camps are cleaned up, parcels disappear, and we go back to pristine playa.

Then on one designated region, a team of expert daredevil pilots will treat burners with a fabulous performance with their planes in a synchronised air dance that is a delight to watch.

Burners are invited to sit along and just outside the region borders of surrounding regions to enjoy the performance, after which burners can participate in "daredevil" flights of their own in the form of skydiving, Burner style!


After the playa is cleared of all the camps and stages and builds in the Multiverse of Burn2 (except Gerlach, of course!), the Man is placed once again, and we enjoy a reprise burn with avatars wearing their most beautiful, creative, artistic skins. Hair, clothing, HUDS, all are detached and removed.

What is achieved is the lowest possible level of lag as we sit in nothing but painted bodies, along the borders of the surrounding regions, and we see a gorgeously executed spectacle of a Burning of the Man. The final Burn is celebrated with a joyous after-party.

New to Burn2?

Getting Started

Below are a pair of video tutorials to help you get started. More details can be found on this page.

For New Users in Second Life

How to Sit, Chat, Pose, and Walk with Your New Avatar