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Burn2 Discord Conduct Guidelines

This server is for discussions and questions relevant to those involved in Burn2 - please be careful not to share anything that is posted here that may be confidential.

Treat each other respectfully. Debating and discussions are fine. Rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks or inflammatory posts are not. Take a deep breath and be kind to each other.

If you have an issue with another person on this list, DO NOT post it on Discord. If you are unable or unwilling to resolve it with that person directly, contact the moderator or fill out an incident report form.

Person to person issues are better discussed in private chat. Many people are uncomfortable discussing things in a public forum - If your conversation with an individual becomes heated, take it to private chat- you can always post the decision or resolution in the channel once you have reached it.

Do not post private posts, email or SL chats on Discord without the permission of the original sender.

Avoid posting rumors and refrain from presenting your opinions as facts. Please back your point with facts, or if you are not an expert in that area, use words such as “it is my opinion”.

If a moderator of this group removes or objects to your post, you’ll be told why. We want this forum to be truthful, helpful and focused. If your post is removed, please do not take it personally- we aim to minimize the negative chatter and eliminate misinformation (even if it is meant in good faith).
Be sure you are posting in the correct channel- there are several on the Burn2 Community server.

This server is maintained by the Burn2 Regional as a resource and as communication for Burn2 community members outside the SL playa. Participation in this server is reliant on observation of the 10 Principles and this Code of Conduct. Moderators are in place to help keep it a positive place for everyone.

Repeated violations of these guidelines may result in a warning- continued violations may lead to removal from the channel. Questions can be directed to the current server administrator.