And So the Story Goes, That the Gift of Fire Was Stolen…

The time approaches for our next event and the playa is ready for builders to come and create their renditons of the legends about how mankind got fire – and what we do with it! As one story goes, a sympathetic Titan named Prometheus saw the mortals huddled in dark and cold, took pity and […]

BURN2 Evolution

BURN2 Evolution  After six years of Linden Lab support and guidance, both the Lab and Burning Man felt it was time to let the Burning Life event be completely community run and supported. This community of artists, builders, performers, and participants, collectively called “Burners” is a community so diverse, few like it have ever been […]

Volunteering for BURN2

  BURN2 – Volunteering BURN2 thrives because hundreds of SL residents step up to make it happen. BURN2 is so varied, so diverse, so inclusive that it’s pretty much a given that whatever your talents and interests, they will find a home and a community of friends here. A small sampling of volunteer roles include: […]

Job Description – Department of Public Works Lead

BURN2 Department of Public Works Lead The Dept. Of Public Works leads a team that builds and maintains the basic event infrastructure of city and terrain infrastructure of the BURN2 event. The DPW Lead should expect to have about 2-3 months to prepare for the event which occurs in mid October. The BURN2 event consists of […]

Talent Needed: Department of Public Works Lead

The BURN2 Management Team is seeking candidates for Department of Public Works Lead. If you are interested in playing a vital role in the planning, development and management of BURN2 please read the DPW Lead Job Description (Link disabled). If it feels like a fit for you, send a letter of interest detailing your qualifications […]

Art Dept: Juried Art, Theme Camps, Lottery Camps and Reserved Camps/Plots

Artists and art exhibitions are part of the principle of self-expression that underlies BURN2. There are four kinds of art camps in BURN2: Juried Art – are curated by the BURN2 Art Department. Second Life artists are invited to submit proposals for art projects on these parcels Theme Camps – Burners submit ideas for a […]

Inspired by Burning Man

In 1999, Philip Linden went to Burning Man, and came back with new ideas for the virtual world he was planning. Among them was the idea that humans abhor a blank canvas and will compulsively create form to fill void. They will provide their own content and entertainment and create a whole city (or world) […]

Why we do BURN2

Why we do BURN2 or the same reason people do Burning Man. To learn and grow. And to form a community that values creative learning and growing. The temporal nature of it is vital to having immediate and unmediated experience, and the DIY aesthetic meshes perfectly with Second Life’s riot of user-created content. When Philip […]