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BURN2 – Volunteering

BURN2 thrives because hundreds of SL residents step up to make it happen. BURN2 is so varied, so diverse, so inclusive that it’s pretty much a given that whatever your talents and interests, they will find a home and a community of friends here.

A small sampling of volunteer roles include:
  • greeters, guides and translators that guide and help new arrivals.
  • architects, builders, scripters and land managers that construct and maintain the playa sims and it’s structures.
  • instructors that share some of their knowledge by teaching a class.
  • designers and gadget makers that contribute vehicles, lamps, drums, torches, clothing, dances and hundreds of gifts and goodies.
  • stage managers that work with the army of singers, djs, dancers and performers that appear on our stages.
  • rangers that are specially trained to keep things cool and mediate disputes.
  • lamplighters that enact many of the unique traditions of Burning Man here in SL.
  • vehicle makers that construct zany transport, from cupcakes to flaming wheels.
  • writers, photographers, machinima artists, spokespeople and media coordinators that keep information flowing.
  • behind the scenes organizers and administrators that keep the chaos to manageable levels.

If you’re interested in being a volunteer join the BurningMan 2.0 group and ask in group chat for information about the next scheduled planning meeting.