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BURN2 Evolution 

After six years of Linden Lab support and guidance, both the Lab and Burning Man felt it was time to let the Burning Life event be completely community run and supported. This community of artists, builders, performers, and participants, collectively called “Burners” is a community so diverse, few like it have ever been seen. We ALL are that community! We will take this new beginning for our well-established event, Burning Life, and we will call it BURN2 to signify the freedom and opportunity we now have to recreate it.

With our new-found freedom comes the reality that we are now self-supporting for sims and operating costs. While the real life Burning Man event is funded by an admission fee, we have elected to fund the amazing infrastructure of BURN2; including the town of Deep Hole, our Center Camp, the Temple, Mutant Vehicles, event stages, art installations, and the MAN burn; through a combination of donations from the Burner community and plot charges for Burner camps on the sims. There will also be a lottery for free camps!

The amount of money we raise from the Burner community by August 31st determines the number of sims we can rent for BURN2. We currently have two sims, which will be restructured for the event. Because of the very short time frame until the event begins, BURN2 2010 will be smaller by design than the previous Burning Life events. While smaller, we know it will push the boundaries of Second Life to be amazing and different in many ways. We hope to add as many additional sims as funding and staffing allows.

So how about showing some Burner love?! Any amount will help. Linden dollar donations can be made directly to m2 Burner, which is the BURN2 fundraising avatar. You can also make donations through PayPal to the email address


If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please feel free to contact For news and updates, check out our website.

Sincerely, Your BURN2 Operations Team