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Prometheus' GiftThe time approaches for our next event and the playa is ready for builders to come and create their renditons of the legends about how mankind got fire – and what we do with it! As one story goes, a sympathetic Titan named Prometheus saw the mortals huddled in dark and cold, took pity and stole heavenly fire, gave it to humanity.

Many other myths have been told through the ages, of fire stolen, created or given which gave rise to human civilisation. Always inventive Burners, we ask you: Which is your favourite story? What if you could create your own mythology of the origins of fire and its arrival as a useful tool for humans? Here’s your chance to share your legends, retell a favourite or make up your own about how fire came to be what it is for us.

To get those creative juices going, you can peruse the Conception 2018 theme, Prometheus’ Gift and follow that with a reading of the build guidelines and finally fill in a quick signup form to get a FREE plot on which to build. 


If you like to make music, sing, or perform, be sure to fill in the performer signup form so one of the performance team can follow up and see about scheduling you to play at BURN2 during this event!


Do you love fashion? How about dressing a little wild and crazy? Sign up to be a Fashionista or a Greeter

The event opens 29th June and it promises to be quite a talent packed weekend! We have got a great musical lineup so far, and now we look forward to seeing the playa fill up with YOUR ingenious creations! 

Get your plot now, Burners!