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The Black Rock Desert is empty this time of year. Back to the virgin desert. It’s also a lot colder, with a 40° high this time of year, and overnight temps in the teens. No clouds to speak of, though, so no snow yet.

Driving up is a single lonely pickup, kicking up dust. It stops out in the middle of the expanse, and its driver steps out. He looks out of place in the desert, wearing the iconic garb of Santa Claus, accessorized with goggles and brightly-painted boots. He unpacks a makeshift “North Pole” and places it a few feet from the truck.

Soon others appear, similarly attired. A camp forms, stages appear, a curious mix of burner style and Christmas kitsch takes shape. It’s the Santalarity on the Playa.

Welcome Ho-Ho-Home!

Come join in the Santalarity fun, December 15 from 10am-10pm SLT!

11am-12noon    Franck Simoni

12-2pm         Voodoo Fox

2-4     DJxHALLOWEEN Boa

4-6     TomSawyer Aries

6-8    ThomTrance Otoole

8-10    JoanneLynn Dreamscape