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Every year we invite several artists we feel will provide incredible works to the Burn2 community. This year, we are proud to announce five very special artists we’ve invited to show their work on the virtual Playa at this year’s Burn2 event! Our 2012 invitees are:

Silene Christen

in her native Spain, Silene has worked in oil and acrylic. Her works are in museums in Murcia (Spain) and private collections. She discovered digital art, which has lately become her focus. Silene Carnell has been part of several Second Life galleries. She had a period of promoting the artistic and digital design theme through classes and as curator of  Fratte gallery and  Life Art Space. She founded Life Art group to exchange information about art, headquartered in Fratte Space and Life Art Gallery.  She also founded Arte Intervencionista group. As part of Arte Intervencionista she has participated in several protects, including one for Open this End to commemorate an SL Celebration.

Pallina60 Loon

Pallina is an Italian female avatar born on the 15th of June in 2007. After having learned this 3D platform, she decided to dedicate herself to building, as she was fascinated by putting into reality her fantasies, even if only as pixels. She has more than a quarter of the LOL sim, which she called  “Circo Loon”. On this land there are various editions of the circus, each one with its own particular theme, such as the “Original edition”, the “Steampunk edition”, the “Sweet edition”, the “Fantasy edition”, and many other ones. At the moment there is the “Origami (paper-folding) edition”. Besides building in her land, Pallina60 in also interested in international events in Second Life, such as Burn2 and SLB (Second Life Birthday), which allows her to come in contact with people from all over the world, to learn a bit of English and to widen her technical knowledge.

Fuchsia Nightfire

Fuschia Nightfire (known in real life as Nina Camplin) is a mural artist specializing in trompe l’oeil. She is interested in challenging the viewer’s perception of space and creating illusions of faked realities.  Living in Dorset on the South Coast of the UK, many of her real-life paintings feature the sea and the nearby heathland. Fuschia is using second life as an alternative medium for creating art and exploring ways of making illusions of false realities in a virtual world.

Nexuno Thespian

Nexuno Thespian, from Italy, has a passion for art, and is a painter by hobby. Curious about everything, and that’s creative in Second Life, a world where everything ‘and this can’ what makes him stay, driving his virtual life. He is a photographer for fun, and likes to explore and create memories in this world of pixels. He is especially curious about the duality of this world.

Ub Yifu

Using Second Life since may 2007, Mexican artist Ub Yifu came here because he wanted to create 3D objects. He started building in sandbox. I first started reproducing some famous paintings in prims from (Matisse, Magritte, Picasso, Dali, Degas). Now I rent my own island here. Since September 200, his work has primarily be on commissions, and feature reproductions of some real-life statues as a unique piece in Second Life

We look forward to seeing what these five brilliant artists bring to Burn2, and hope you will join us in welcoming them to the event!

Also, in case you too would like to bring your artwork to the playa — or have a brilliant idea for a theme camp you want to see come to life — and weren’t able to get a parcel already, then please use our art and theme camp submission form! Show us what you’ve got, and we may just find you a place at the event! You have until Saturday at noon, so time’s of the essence!