Artists, Builders and DJs/Performers! Santalarity is Coming!

Great Things Come in Small Packages December 12-13, 2015 You are invited to participate in our next adventure! We have a new challenge for artists and builders – because our theme this time is this: Great Things Come in Small Packages. Like a fable borne upon a mist of time, a magical, mysterious transformation is […]

BURN2 2014 Santalarity: What’s in the Box?

From 2014-11-19 Once again, we bring our unique style of winter hilarity to the playa, with snow and ice covering the dusty ground and Burners’ visions of the season scattered around. Santalarity is BURN2’s decommodification event, the antithesis of the typical rushed holiday season focused on profits and buying, on unrealistic expectations and joy found […]

Santalarity is coming! (2012)

The Black Rock Desert is empty this time of year. Back to the virgin desert. It’s also a lot colder, with a 40° high this time of year, and overnight temps in the teens. No clouds to speak of, though, so no snow yet. Driving up is a single lonely pickup, kicking up dust. It […]

Santalarity…Welcome Ho Ho Hooooooooommmme!

Welcome Ho Ho Hoooooome! White Fur and Red Coats! Its the SANTALARITY! Come down to BURNING MAN – Silver Seed to rock with some holiday cheer, throw snowballs, ice skate on the Playa, explore frozen portapotties, poke fun at cultural icons and just JAM on in general! Everyone dresses as Santa at Santalarity , very […]