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Theme Camps are plots of land you can call home at BURN2. It is where you “camp” and also where you invite other participants to experience whatever you have in store for them.

Theme Camps can be simple or complex, but they all have a “theme” or premise behind them. The theme you choose does not have to be related to the overall theme of BURN2 2010, though. It can be anything you like. BURN2 2010 has 12 choice, reserved camping spots on the main Esplanade available for those who propose the most interesting or amusing themes and experiences for their neighbors to enjoy. (Many more regular camping spots are available on a buy-in basis and some on a lottery basis, in case you don’t get one of these reserved spots. Check the BURN2 web site at http:\\\ for news about that).

To be accepted for a reserved camping space, just write a compelling description of what your camp will be, include links to other things you’ve built, and describe what sort of activity you will provide for your neighbors to enjoy. For inspiration, you can see what sort of Theme Camps people build at the real life Burning Man Festival! See their web site for more information.