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The many and varied efforts of the Burn2 community culminated in the opening of the sims to the public at noon on Oct 16! Come one, come all! It’s time to Burn!

Some Pointers

A few pointers to help you get started. We have a map with slurls, so check that out. We also have three calendars – the Burn2 Event Calendar, and the schedule of performers at Center Camp and the DJs at the Berlin Stage.

Don’t hesitate to stop in at the gates and gab with the greeters and guides, or ask for assistance in group chat.

Quite the Party!

It didn’t take long for the sims to max out. Not long at all. There were opening day glitches of course, with the Dept. of Public Works and the Rangers hustling about taking care of business, but after a few hours things had settled down with the lag reduced to a dull roar.

Don’t Miss the Video!

If you haven’t seen it yet, you have to check out the Burn2 promotional video, superbly done by Chantal Harvey (music by Patrick Faith aka Kolor Fall, voice by James Eastman aka Eastman Wildrose).

See You on the Playa!

The builds are great, the performers fantastic, the team eager – but what makes the burn great is you. See you there.