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What can you say about crossing over, jumping the chasm…seeing the line in the sand just taking that…one step. Moving from our virtual Burn to… Burning Man!.

When we came we wished we could take you all with us, but, frankly you wouldn’t all fit in the car. We did bring our flag with us, courtesy of Iknow and Bridgett. Here’s a shot of the BURN2 camp.


We are 4:20 and Walk-In camping with Danger and Dusty and Ronon. Mickey is just up the road in Kids Camp (not going there with that joke) and DanofWa is over with the Med teams at 9:00 and Esplanade.

If you are on the Real Playa now you might come down and look us up. We had Phillip  Rosedale stop by and say hi as he went through to his camp.


Reprinted courtesy of the Black Rock Beacon…from Wednesday of last week. Just Click here to download the Daily Planet…Since we were having the interview in high wind it was hard to hear. Some corrections: Ronon does not work for Linden Labs as stated. EmCee does not manage the real Black Rock DMV although he has volunteered there.

Enjoy the read!