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There is only a couple of days to go until the playa opens to the SL public! Final touches to builds and schedules snap into place as the sims open to the press and blogger community for Press / Blogger Day.

We’re ready to roll with performers and DJs at noon on Saturday, Oct. 16! The party runs through until the 24th, with the builds open another week. We’re also introducing a new event, the skin burn, which will be held the final day the sims are up – Oct 30.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you have to check out the Burn2 promotional video, superbly done by Chantal Harvey (music by Patrick Faith aka Kolor Fall, voice by James Eastman aka Eastman Wildrose).

Machinima by Chantal Harvey

Community during the Build

The process of building on the playa has been a wonderful experience of community as burners old and new gathered and compared notes.