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Greetings Builders and Volunteers!


Let me start by first saying how excited we all are about BURN2 and how this event has evolved so quickly into what it has become today because of your hard work and dedication. For this, the Burn2 Event Team and community thank you.

We have a update on some important dates to let you know about before we open. On October 7th, 2010, at 12:01am PDT (SLT) all BURN2 sims will be closed to all builders and volunteers, except for BURN2 staff. This will enable us to test the sims and to run checks on all parcels for correct settings, prim usages, and acceptable script load levels. You can help out by taking a moment to check your build beforehand for potential problems and by ensuring all prims on your parcel are set to the BURN2 ACCESS group only. All other group tagged prims will be returned, so please make sure everything is set to BURN2 Access.

The sims will re-open at 12:01am PDT (SLT) on October 8th, and all builders will be allowed access back to the sims to continue work and to make any corrections needed.

This process will then repeat one week later on October 14th, 2010, at 12:01am PDT  (SLT), with the sims re-opening at 12:01am PDT (SLT) on October 15th.

The sims will remain open for 13 hours until 1:00pm PDT (SLT), and then close again to all builders until the event opens to the public on October 16th, 2010, at NOON PDT (SLT).

Building will be allowed throughout the event. Scripts will be disabled on all sims only during the man and temple burns to allow for the lowest lag levels possible.

Please share this information with your fellow build partners in case they aren’t receiving notices, as this seems to be the latest bug in Second Life.

Burn on!!

Kev Sweetwater
DPW Lead
Head Porta Potty Cleaner