Thank You, Ranger!

Thank you for signing up for your Ranger shift(s) at the Burnal Equinox 2019 event! We will follow up in world to confirm your slot so you can be ready for the event.

How to Join the Rangers

“Your entire life will change when you step across this piece of rebar… will you step over?” BURN2 Rangers recruiting takes place in the summer preceding each year’s main event. Notices will be posted to the BURN2 Rangers, BURN2 Alpha Rangers, and BurningMan 2.0 groups, as well as on this web site. If you are […]

BURN2 Rangers

BURN2 Rangers are traditional guardians of the shared values of the community. We are empowered by the community to address concerns, mediate disputes, and resolve conflicts if they can not be resolved by the residents themselves and respond to non-consensual assaults (griefing). The Rangers encourage a community of shared responsibility and assist only as needed. […]

Rangers Training 2015

BURN2 Ranger Manual & Reference Materials

Below are links to the BURN2 Rangers manuals and reference materials. Be aware trainings are meant to supplement these materials, not replace reading them. Please be sure to read each of these; you are responsible for being familiar with BURN2 Ranger policies, procedures, and protocols. NOTE: These may change at any time, so be sure […]

Saturday’s Ranger Rebar Ceremony

Dealing with time zones in SecondLife is always an issue for event organizers. The Burn2 Rangers dealt with it by holding their rebar ceremony twice. And, the after party twice. Rangers know what is important! Look for the rangers out on the playa and take a minute to get acquainted. They’re walking, riding segways, even […]

BURN2 Regionals and Rangers Early Pass September 30, 2011

Burning Man, Regionals, and Rangers day at BURN2 September 30th is BURNING MAN Regional and Ranger day at BURN2. We are inviting all Regional leadership, BURNING MAN staff, and Rangers to come see the virtual playa before it opens. The BURN2 team will be hosting Art tours of some of the most amazing digital art […]

Ranger Rebar Ceremony

Friday night was the first Rebar Ceremony of the year to welcome new rangers. It is an impressive tradition dating back to 1996 when Danger Ranger drew a line in the playa dust. Everyone stepped across the line and joined the community of Rangers. They use rebar because it is what connects things like tents […]