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Burning Man, Regionals, and Rangers day at BURN2

September 30th is BURNING MAN Regional and Ranger day at BURN2. We are inviting all Regional leadership, BURNING MAN staff, and Rangers to come see the virtual playa before it opens.

The BURN2 team will be hosting Art tours of some of the most amazing digital art installed for the BURN. Come see Center Camp, Ranger HQ, Everywhere, Arctica, The Temple, and of course…the Man. Experience state of the art 3D works that will amaze, inspire, and make you feel right back in Black Rock City.

BURN2 volunteers will be hosting tours and orientations 10:00 – 11:00 AM, 5:00 – 6:00 PM, and 7:00 – 8:00 PM PDT. You will need to come to our BURN2 Welcome area (see below) to gain access to the virtual Playa. Here are complete instructions to get you to the Playa, even if you have never been in Second Life.If you have never been in Second Life we suggest you start the setup at least 30 minutes before one of the times above.

A. Creating your account and installing the Second Life viewer (Allow 15 minutes)
If you do not already have a Second Life account follow these steps…if you have an SL avatar and are comfortable using it go to “C” below.

  1. Make sure that your computer can handle the web connection, graphics and has speakers to listen to the cool music and a microphone if you want to talk. More info is here…
  2. Go to and click the big orange “Join Now >>” button.
  3. Select an avatar. You can always change it later, make it look more like you..or not.
  4. Select a Username. The Username can contain letters and/or numbers, but not spaces, and it has to be unique. Be aware that the Username you choose can never be changed.
  5. Select whether you want a Free or a Premium account. You can always change this later, so we suggest selecting Free for now.
  6. Your account will then be activated, and you will be prompted to download and install Second Life.

B. Log in to Second Life for the first time and learn to walk (Allow 15 minutes)

  1. Launch the Second Life viewer after you have downloaded and installed it.
  2. Enter Username, Password, and then click the Log In button. Be sure you have selected Advanced Mode so your computer downloads the free Second Life inventory item library.

3. Your avatar will be logged into a Welcome Island, where you can learn the fundamentals of Second Life in six easy steps.

    1. Use your arrow keys to follow the black arrows on the floor, you can enter the Second Life Welcome Island center.
    2. Click the View button on the tool bar (bottom of the screen) to activate camera controls so you can pan up, down, sideways, and rotate your view.
    3. Inside the Welcome Center are posters that show how to use Second Life. Follow the black arrows on the floor to complete the orientation and learn how to use Zoom, Chat, Sit, and Fly,

If you get stuck at this point, you can send an Instant Message (IM) to Ladyslipper Constantine or Ronon Carver.

C. Come to the BURN2 Ranger / Regional Welcome area  for orientation

(Allow 15 minutes)
You must come here to gain access to the BURN2 Playa. You will be given special permissions to get in.
  1. Click this link: . A web page will open up, with an orange “Visit this location” or “Teleport Now” button.
  2. Click the button to pass the location information from your browser to your Second Life viewer. You may receive an External Protocol Request box asking if you wish to allow your browser to launch Second Life. Be sure to click the “Launch Application” button to allow it to pass the information.
  3. You should now see the Places Profile show up in your Second Life viewer. Click the Teleport button down near the bottom right of your screen.
  4. Your screen will go dark, you will hear a “whoosh”, and be magically transported to the Welcome area.

This Welcome area will be staffed by BURN2 volunteers who can answer your questions about using Second Life. The volunteers will also send you invitations to special groups that will allow you access to the BURN2 Playa. You can’t get to the Playa unless you are added to the special group!

Rangers will get invitations to the Black Rock Rangers group, and Regionals visitors will get invitations to the BURN2 Regionals group. Be sure to accept the group invitations when you receive them.

Confused? Just ask any of the friendly BURN2 Volunteers. You can identify the BURN2 volunteers by the BURN2 titles above their heads.

D. On to the Playa and the art tour! (Allow 45 minutes to tour)
After you accept the group invitation, you will be sent an invitation to teleport to the BURN2 playa. BURN2 volunteers will be available to assist you during the entire process. You can type or you can talk using the voice capability of Second Life. You will need a microphone/speakers or a headset to talk.

On the BURN2 playa, you will be greeted by more friendly volunteers and assisted to Art cars, which will guide you on your tour. You will hop on board and tour, just like Black Rock City. Amazing digital art awaits you!

At any step of the way, feel free to ask the volunteers questions. We’re here to help! You can also send email to