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Friday night was the first Rebar Ceremony of the year to welcome new rangers. It is an impressive tradition dating back to 1996 when Danger Ranger drew a line in the playa dust. Everyone stepped across the line and joined the community of Rangers.

They use rebar because it is what connects things like tents and installations to the playa.

Four people joined the rangers tonight: Uccello Poultry, Percival Antiesse, Cornoil Resident, and Puterdoc Devin.  All together there are 12 new rangers who will patrol the playa this year.

It wasn’t all seriousness. After the ceremony, the Center Camp was rockin with a DJ and a discussion of utilikilts. And one really good joke from Dakota..

“So this ranger walks into a bar. Danger Ranger says. … You idiot! You’re supposed to walk OVER it!”

Here are some photos

Lined up


Stepping across


Party on the Playa